Which Fish Can I Keep with an Archer Fish?

If you lately bought Archer fish for your aquarium, you may be wondering what various other kinds of fish you can couple with the species. Archers can be a little unstable, also hostile, so it’s important to confirm compatibility prior to giving them a brand-new pal in their tank.

The Archer family is comprised of the complying with 6 species:

  • Toxotes blythi
  • Toxotes chatareus (common, seven-spot, largescale archer)
  • Toxotes jaculatrix (banded archer)
  • Toxotes lorentzi (primitive archer)
  • Toxotes microlepis (smallscale archer)
  • Toxotes oliglepis (western archer)

Taxotes chatareus and Toxotes jaculatrix, are the two types routinely seen available in animal shops. They’re so comparable that stores seldom separate in between them. It’s likely that if you have an Archer, it is just one of these 2 species.

Right here is much more details regarding Archers generally and exactly how to determine which varieties you have.


Deadly Spitters

Archers acquire their scientific name from the words “Toxotes”, implying bowman or archer. If you’ve ever seen one at work, you’ll comprehend how they gained that name. Archers hang simply listed below the surface area of the water expecting bugs. When a pest endeavors near the water, the Archer spews a stream of water at its victim so promptly that the unlucky pest never ever sees it coming. Insects have to stay far from the water to avoid ending up being lunch, as the Archer fish is capable of properly shooting streams of water up to one-and-a-half meters into airborne.

All Archers have a deep, side to side pressed, a silver-colored body that is punctuated by black bands on the edges of the dorsal and rectal fins. The jaw is large and also upturned, excellent for feeding at the surface area. What you can not see is the deep groove in the roof of its mouth that is behind the Archer’s remarkable spitting capability. By pressing its tongue versus the roofing of its mouth, it creates a tube through which water is forced by rapidly closing the gill covers. To increase its hunting ability, the Archer has big eyes as well as a straight upper body line which allows it to exist really near the top of the water without breaking the surface area.


T. Jaculatrix vs. T. Chatareus

To the informal onlooker, both types of Archers frequently sold in pet dog stores appear to be the same fish. Although they have comparable demands, one is a lot more hostile than the other, so it’s a good idea to recognize which varieties you have.

  • T. jaculatrix (banded archerfish): This is one of the most generally imported types of Archer and is the smaller sized of the two common varieties. It has 4 to 5 bands that do not have the smaller spots in between them and also is extra calm than it’s cousin, the Seven-Spot Archer.
  • T. chatareus (common, seven-spot, or largescale archer): This Archer has seven bands or places that are frequently burglarized several blotches in a vertical row, which makes counting them a little bit difficult. The scales are additionally larger, giving it a somewhat lighter shade than the Banded Archer.

If you see a storage tank full of archers at the shop, take a look at them carefully. Chances are you’ll observe some are smaller, have smaller scales, and do not have several smaller sized spots between the black bands on their body. It’s advisable to select among this range as the larger Archers are extra hostile.



Archers belong in brackish water, a reality that is often neglected. Their favored setting includes warm brackish water, which limits container friends to other briny fish.

Feasible tankmates consist of:

  • Scats
  • Monos
  • Knight gobies
  • Puffers
  • Other archers

You must realize that in addition to calling for brackish water, your Archer additionally calls for live foods. Although they can be educated to take weighty frozen foods, Archers do best when offered live foods. Virtually any type of insects or perhaps small worms dropped on the surface of the water will certainly do. You’ll be astonished at just how swiftly the fish snap them up!


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