The Personality and Characteristics Of Dogs

Many friends want to keep pet dogs, but they don’t know what kind of dog they are suitable for. In fact, keeping a dog depends not only on breed/appearance but also on personality! This article will talk about the personality of different breeds of dogs.


Working Dogs

Dogs with jobs have high IQs! And enthusiastic and responsible! Cattle herding, sheep herding, rescuing, house guarding! These are all things that working dogs do~It is important to note that they must find something to do, not to keep them at home, otherwise they will get depressed.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Height: 25-30cm Weight: 9-12kg Lifespan: 12-15 years
Activity level required: Medium Grooming frequency: Low
The Corgi’s original job was to chase cattle, and their short legs allowed them to weave in and out of the herd without being kicked by cattle hooves. Now Corgi no longer has to work hard, turning into the most popular pet dog. Many of our friends’ dogs are corgis. The short legs, fat ass, small pointed ears! When it rains, the whole stomach is wet while going out! Hahahaha~

Although it is the size of a puppy, the personality is quite like a big dog, energetic, like to run like chasing a ball, like to play with big dogs. They will also bark when they are too excited, such as the moment when the owner opens the door and comes home! Also, Corgi does not need to cut hair, they will lose hair naturally.

German Shepherd

Height: 58-63cm Weight: 22-49kg Lifespan: 10-12 years
The activity required: high Grooming frequency: medium
I like the German Shepherd, so handsome, smart, loyal, highly obedient. Lots of instructions without rules can be taught to it! I have to admit that the gap between dog and dog IQ is quite big because talking to some dogs like casting pearls before swine.

My friend who walks her dog together to a small park, her big German Shepherd will come to her every time after picking up the ball and gently put the ball at the owner’s feet, then quietly get down and wait for the next throw.

The German Shepherd can’t be cooped up in the house all day. If you don’t give your dog enough activity, then they won’t be happy.

Border Collie

Height: 50-53cm Weight: 12-20kg Lifespan: 10-12 years
Needs activity: high Grooming frequency: medium
IQ first dog is not blown out of the water, a casual search is their fancy shepherding video, in the mainstream dog IQ ranking are well-deserved champion dogs. Independent, bold, and full of energy, all make it the first choice of the sheepdog.

Of course, this also determines that the Border Collie is not suitable for everyone. The family does not have a large yard or does not have a lot of time to play with them, please avoid this dog. Keep the Border Collie at home all day long, it will get sick…

Bernese Mountain

Height: 58-70cm Weight: 32-54kg Lifespan: 10-12 years
Activity level required: Medium Grooming frequency: Medium
Anyone who goes out with a Bernese Mountain will become a master of flirting with girls/boys… The touch rate is 100%! With a big, thick head and naturally drooping ears, it looks super thick and honest! And the limbs are strong, the chest is strong, the hair is soft and shiny. Sitting there, it’s a handsome dog prince ~

It’s known as a silly child, not jealous, not provocative, not aggressive, very good to anyone, children, strangers …… So that anyone can lead it away …… They don’t bark. When you go out and meet other dogs who want to say hello, it will pounce, not remembering it’s a big dog with majesty, and if you have little strength, you can’t drag it. You need to train well to go along with it.


Height: 58-69cm Weight: 38-59kg Lifespan: 10-11 years
The activity required: High Grooming frequency: Low
People who don’t usually come into contact with dogs may be intimidated by the look of the Rottweiler, but in fact, if they grew up with people the Rottweiler is exactly a pet dog. But there will be people who deliberately train them from childhood to pounce and bite or have a police dog use, this situation is another story. The normal situation is to see people and dogs from childhood, the owner takes it to social, make new friends so that the Rottweiler is not aggressive! Once again, do not be lazy to keep your Rottweiler from the world. The dog personality is easy to go wrong for your laziness. No matter how big or small dogs are like this!

The look is very powerful and scary, but the personality is really stupid and cute. When Rottweiler is little, it will be very naughty, like Lara, preferring to bite and roll around and play scoundrels. Big dogs seem to be so. When they grow up, they won’t act like this.

Spitz-Type Dogs

To sum up, this type of dog is quite wolf-like in appearance. Spirited little standing ears, pointy protruding mouth, sturdy chest, and thick coat! Although this type of dog can vary in size, most of them need a lot of exercises to spread their energy out so they don’t tear up the house. They tend to dig holes and bark, and can be mischievous when they are small and need more training.

Siberian Husky

Height: 51-60cm Weight: 16-27kg Lifespan: 10-12 years
Activity level required: High Grooming frequency: Medium
Origin from Siberia, before being a pet dog, it has been used as a sled dog. The body type and coat color is really like a wolf, but its face is like a fox. With enigmatic eyes, a thick chest and powerful leg muscles, and a short-time walk does not satisfy them. The friends having Siberian Husky are stepping on skateboards to walk it……

So many people say that huskies are very destructive, but in fact, it is its energy that is not consumed. If you can not a lot of time to train it, do not raise.

Alaskan Malamute

Height: 58-71cm Weight: 38-56kg Lifespan: 12-15 years
The activity required: high Grooming frequency: high
I do not know why pulling sled dogs, a husky often looks awkward, but it looks the most powerful and dominant …… In the sled dog breed Alaska is the most massive and more muscular, requiring more exercise, and of course more food.

The personality is gentle and quiet, seldom barking. It can get along very well with other dogs or small animals, not jealous or neurotic, often messing up the house with them together! It has a thick double coat, meaning that it is very warm to sleep with it in the winter. Oh, although you don’t need to cut hair, it sheds hair, and the hair will fly all over the house. Combing it often will relieve the situation.


Height: 46-56cm Weight: 16-30kg Lifespan: 12-14 years
The activity required: high Grooming frequency: high
The Samoyed is good-looking and has a medium size. It has the majesty of a big dog, but also the flexibility and cute of a small dog. The hair is snowy and white, and the pointy little ears are super cute! People can not resist its smile. it is considered as the “smiling angel” But I think its body has a hot temperature owing to the hair.

He is a little bit naughty, like most sled dogs, but he better behaves at home when he spends more time running around. To strangers or small children, gentle and non-aggressive. The obedience well, really not high, so sometimes it doesn’t understand the instructions. Three foolish sled dogs, Samoyed is also one of them ……


Height: 61-71cm Weight: US 29-52kg Japan 34-45kg Lifespan: 10-12 years
Activity required: High Grooming frequency: Low
How to discuss this topic without the Akita! The Akita must be said to have strong, sturdy bones and strong, athletic limbs. A pair of ears that stand up and stay alert at all times. The tail is also puckered up, smug look, particularly handsome. Character loyalty, bravery, calm, cool, even say a little stubborn feeling, or quite their character, need to master the dog when the dog is small to teach good rules, or will grow up to be more difficult to manage. And the guardedness of the Akita and the sense of territory is quite strong.

Originally used as a hunting dog in Japan, they were later improved to suppress their aggressiveness and became good companion family pets now.

Shiba Inu

Height: 37-40cm Weight: 7-11kg Lifespan: 12-15 years
The activity required: medium Grooming frequency: low
Emojis on the internet all can be good interpretations of Shiba Inu! Every time the mood is bad look at the Shiba Inu bitchy little expression immediately will sweep the gloom small, small ears up, round face, pointed mouth, tail rolled upward, showing the small hole above the buttocks, well ~ ~indescribable! Shiba Inu is more popular than Akita in the US Empire!

Personality and other dogs are very different, Shiba Inu’s personality independent, often immersed in their little world, is not particularly love to get together with people, a noble and cold look. Generally have Shiba Inu photo style is this kind of drop, quietly lying in a place, their daze, look out at the world… It is important to note that Shiba Inus are sensitive by nature and should be trained from a young age to avoid barking for no reason.


Gun Dog

Unlike Hound, Gun Dog mainly helps hunters to patrol after hunting, while Hound helps hunters track their prey. It’s also called Bird Dog. Generally, hunters play birds. Dogs help to pick them back, so Gun Dog is also called Bird Dog.

From medium to large size, they generally like running, swimming, and chasing the ball. It’s their nature.

Cocker Spaniel

Height: 34-39cm Weight 7-14kg Lifespan: 12-15 years
The activity required: high Grooming frequency: high
Divided into British and American. The little sweetheart of the dog world, with long drooping ears, silk-like soft hair, big and round innocent eyes, I just want to kiss when I look at it~ Don’t look at her small head, but she belongs to the hunting dog group and needs a lot of With a large amount of exercise, you can run very fast! Very smart, easy to train, and will not bark for no reason, is not aggressive, and can get along well with other dogs or children.

Golden Retriever

Height: 51-61cm Weight: 25-34kg Lifespan: 12-14 years
The activity required: high Grooming frequency: medium
Golden Retriever is the sunshine boy among dogs. He often jumps up to give you a big hug, and when he is quiet, he can sleep on your feet for a whole day. Quiet like a plant, moving like a rabbit. The body and face are similar to Labrador, but the hair is different. The golden hair is softer, longer, and thinner.

It seems more clever than Labrador. Like rolling, pretending to be dead, it can learn very quickly. Moreover, he is very clingy and pretends to be innocent. If he is angry, he will roll his belly and hide.

Labrador Retriever
Height: 55-57cm Weight: 25-37kg
The activity required: high Grooming frequency: low

Labrador is divided into British and American kinds, and they look quite different. The American Labrador has a slender tail, long legs, and a taller body. The tail of the British Labrador is the same as the thick carrot, the tail end is very thick and not long. The legs are shorter but sturdy, and the head is wider. It will look more honest.

Labrador has a lot of exercises, likes balls, likes water, and eats hard. Seeing a stranger is closer than a mother.

Although they don’t need to cut their hair regularly, they shed hair, flying all over the house, inserted into sofas, clothes, carpets, and all kinds of crevices. The efficiency of sweeping robots can no longer keep up with the speed at which they shed hair. Dyson vacuum cleaners are a good choice.


Poodles may not be familiar to everyone, but when it comes to Teddy, it is a household name. Teddy is not a real dog breed, but just a gimmick for dog sellers. The poodle was originally used to hunt waterfowl. The standard poodle weighs about 20-30kg, is smart, strong, and has a friendly personality.

Slowly after various specialized cultivations, small companion dogs were derived: Mini Poodle and Toy Poodle, which are also very cute and energetic popular dog breeds.

VIPs do not shed hair, so it can be called the gospel for allergy sufferers. Their hair is more like human hair and needs regular maintenance. (Of course, this also gives the dog slaves who love tossing styles a great deal of space)



Tough, Fearless, Self-confident, Energetic…
Terrier originated from the Latin “Terra” which means soil. Most terriers originate from the British Isles and were originally bred to eliminate mice, hares, and foxes.

They are not too big, but they are very brave and strong. And the personality is extroverted and active, and the body shape is flexible.

West Highland White Terrier

Height: 25-28cm Weight: 7-10KG Lifespan: 9-15 years
The activity required: Medium Number of times to beautify: Medium

The most popular kind of terrier! He has a lively personality. Although he is not big, he looks like he is ready to go out and play at any time. The energy will never be dissipated. A round head, short legs, black round eyes, sharp triangular ears, and a cute “carrot-shaped” tail. A group of people fell. And it is a dog that does not shed hair, and the house does not fly all over the sky. However, regular grooming and hair trimming are required.

It should be noted that they have distinctive personalities, strong territorial and explosive, and easy to bark when there is movement outside the door. When it sees smaller dogs, it can greet them friendly, but it is likely to provoke a big dog when they are meeting.

Yorkshire Terrier

Height: 20-23cm Weight: up to 3kg Lifespan: 12-15 years
The activity required: low Grooming frequency: high
Very popular small dog! The hair is shiny like silk satin and has the naughty and lively character of a terrier. Smart and active, although the grid is small but courageous. You don’t need to exercise too much. If you don’t have a large yard, you can take a daily walk and throw toys at home to meet the required amount of exercise.

The personality is clingy, acting like a baby, and tends to be jealous. He has a keen sense of hearing and is a bit nervous, and it is easy to bark when there is movement at the door.


Schnauzers are divided into three types: mini, standard, and large schnauzers
Height: 33-36cm 46-48cm 60-70cm Weight: 6-7kg 15-25kg 35-45kg
Originated from Germany, terriers are very popular in North America! The mouth and nose are quite distinctive, and the white hair around the mouth is the same as a mustache. Like the name, Schnauzer means eight-character Hu in German. How cute it looks! The personality is docile, not easy to be neurotic; under normal circumstances, it will not bark for no reason. The IQ is super high, so the teaching and learning go well.

Bull Terrier

Height: 53-56cm Weight: 23-32kg Lifespan: 10-12 years
The activity required: medium Grooming frequency: low
The style of the Bull Terrier is different! ! Goose egg face with small Mimi eyes, juice cuteness. The expression is often melancholy and bitter, and it feels like the whole world owes it money. Regardless of his melancholic appearance, the Bull Terrier is lively and outgoing, and very approachable, and easy to get along with! Usually, at home, it can lie on your side very quietly, leisurely, and you can raise it without a large yard.

Companion Dog
It is a breed bred for pets. No hunting, no rescue, no shepherd, no nursing home…just need to accompany the owner quietly. This is Companion Dog!

Most of them are coquettish and clingy and do not require a lot of exercises. If there is no yard or apartment building, it is very suitable.

French Bulldog

Where are the fans of French Bulldog! Among the puppies, Fa Dou doesn’t like to bark! This is worry-free. And you can get along well with big dogs. Personality is also very sweet, clinging to people and sometimes will act like a baby. But the physique is squeamish, the stomach is fragile, and it is easy to get skin diseases. If the weather is too hot in summer, it will be difficult to breathe. It’s not so strong, so it requires careful attention from the owner.


Height: 25-28cm Weight: 6-8kg Lifespan: 10-12 years
The activity required: low Grooming frequency: low
Finally, there is a dog that originated in China~ Big eyes like black glass beads, frowning brows, small ears drooping, and Pug’s face is full of grievances! Especially pitiful~Sleeping snoring is loud, gentle, stubborn, clingy, and can get along well with babies.

No grooming is required, and the amount of activity required is not high. A daily walk or a throw of toys at home is enough. Very suitable for apartment raising~

Height: 15-23cm Weight: 2-3kg Lifespan: 12-15 years
Activity required: low Grooming frequency: medium

Chihuahua, you can take it in your pocket! It is the envy of people like us who have big dogs. Short trips or long trips by plane are not too convenient!

IQ is very high, many instructions are a teacher will be. The body is flexible, sensitive personality, a little wind may be easy to bark ah. Another thing is that Chihuahua is very jealous. Oh, if the family has a small baby or has other dogs in the home, it should consider carefully before raising.

Bichon Frise

Height: 23-28cm Weight: 5-7kg Lifespan: 12-15 years
The activity required: low Grooming frequency: high
Bichon Frise is a beauty that captures people’s hearts with its face…… so many girls love it! Roundhead with small smiling eyes, clingy and pampered, the key is it does not lose hair. The fans are really huge. It is important to note that although it does not shed hair, but wants to look good, the hair needs to be groomed often. Bathing, trimming, and combing are essential.

There is also the fact that Bichon very much does not like to be left alone and maybe restless barking, and something the owner should also train slowly from a young age. Besides, bears need a lot of attention and need to spend extra time training and teaching rules when they are small. Otherwise, they may grow up barking for no reason or jumping up and down. As long as they are taken out to play with other dogs and taught the rules from a young age, Bichons are great dogs!



Labradoodle is a service dog designed specifically for people with dog hair allergies! It has the characteristics of a loyal and responsible Labrador, but also has the characteristics of a smart and non-shedding VIP! Combining the best of each, it is now a very popular breed of dog!

Goldendoodle and Labradoodle are very similar, if we have to say the difference, that is Goldendoodle looks more like Golden Retriever, Labradoodle looks more like Poodle. The looks of these two kinds of dogs are not very stable yet, whether they look like their father or their mother, like Goldendoodle or like Poodle, or like Labradoodle, are not sure. In short, it still takes longer and more Breeder to put in the effort!

Random-Bred Dogs

I have to mention random-bred dogs, and I hold the view that it’s the diamond that hasn’t been curved!

With the mixture of different bloodlines, the body is stronger and some recessive genetic diseases that purebred dogs carry are absent. The probability of deformities or physical defects is very low. The body is super healthy, can live a lot of years wow. And many mixed breed dogs are very high IQ. As long as you show your love, education, each dog will radiate their light!

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