Symptoms and Preventive Measures of Dog Discomfort

When you actually notice that your dog has a physical problem, the condition may have already started. So pay special attention to subtle changes in its body and behavior to see if there are any abnormalities.
Because of this, it is also very important to understand what a healthy dog looks like. When we know what a normal state is, it will be easy for us to notice when the dog is abnormal. Never look down on the obvious signs of disease. If you have any questions, contact your trusted veterinarian and seek advice.

Significantly longer bedtime
When the dog’s activity level drops significantly and the sleep time becomes longer, we should be alert! Although drowsiness is a relatively less obvious symptom, if we find that the dog has been sleeping, but is still in the nest during the usual activities, it is recommended to contact your veterinarian. It is possible that because of a condition in your body, you don’t want to move, so lethargy.

Suddenly aggressive
If the dog is usually lively and becomes suddenly aggressive, it may mean that he is uncomfortable somewhere. The more obvious situation is that when you touch the dog somewhere, it suddenly seems to feel pain, and She is aggressive and doesn’t want you to touch her again. At this time, it is recommended to find a way to take her to a doctor.

There are many reasons why dogs tremble, such as colds and illnesses, environmental pressures, and so on. Shaking can also be a sign of illness or pain in the dog. For example, an injury to the inter vertebral disc will cause the dog to tremble, and the body will look stiff. If the shaking is very severe, it may be related to neurological diseases like stroke or epilepsy.
If you suspect that your dog may have a disease affecting its brain or nervous system, please consult a professional veterinarian immediately. Other symptoms include partial paralysis, tremor, convulsions, loss of consciousness, disorientation, weakness of limbs, etc.
If the dog’s head is tilted to one side, it may be related to nervous system disease or inner ear infection.

It is abnormal for a dog to vomit suddenly, and it may be something wrong with what it ate. If you have symptoms of vomiting with a significant increase in frequency, it is likely that you have a physical problem. It is recommended to take you to the veterinarian as soon as possible because vomiting is one of the symptoms of pancreatitis. Sometimes a dog eating too fast may also cause vomiting, but usually, on this condition, the dog’s mental condition is very good, and the appetite is also very good. At this time, although we don’t need to worry too much, we have to figure out how to prevent the child from eating too much.

Diarrhea (soft stools)
Diarrhea may be caused by feeding too much carelessly, which prevents the dog from digesting in time. It is recommended to observe the mental state first. If there is a significant drop in mental state, it may be caused by other reasons. Seek medical attention immediately. Although diarrhea is not really caused by illness, it may be caused by careless diet, eating some unclean food, stress, excessive excitement, etc., but it may also be caused by intestinal parasites and various other problems.
If your dog doesn’t have treatments, diarrhea will cause dehydration or intestinal inflammation, which is also very uncomfortable for dogs. If the abnormality is confirmed, please contact the veterinarian to make an appointment first. If possible, bring a stool sample to help the veterinarian make a faster diagnosis.

Dry nose
The nose of a healthy dog is moist. If the nose is dry, it may be that the dog’s body is in an uncomfortable state. It is recommended to observe the appetite and activity level for a day or two. If there is a significant decrease, seek medical attention immediately.

Swelling of the body
Swelling in any part of the body should not be ignored. It may be a wound that has become an abscess or even a tumor. Observe the swollen area carefully. If it is painful if you touch it with your hands, or if it does not get better in a day or two, please see your vet.

Lameness or difficulty jumping
Lameness and difficulty jumping may be signs of disc injury or arthritis. Dogs do not suffer as much pain as cats. If dogs have the above-mentioned joint conditions, they are usually accompanied by a lot of decreased activity, and even pain and trembling. If such a situation is obvious, please ask the veterinarian to see it so that the injury situation can be treated appropriately.

Yelling inexplicably
Sudden yelling may mean that the dog is sick, painful, stressed, or being threatened by the sudden electric bell. But before understanding the symptoms of barking, we must first rule out whether the dog has health problems. This is very important and cannot be ignored.

Sensitive skin or hair loss (abnormal hair loss)
Dry skin, itchy skin or allergic reactions are usually the most closely related to diet, so if you find out the food allergens and avoid them, your dog’s skin allergic reactions may be significantly improved. But if you still have the same skin condition for a while after the diet is adjusted, it may be a sign of a deeper problem.
For example, the weather is getting hotter and hotter recently, and summer is here. It is the season for dogs to consume mold. Especially the breeds that are easy to wear, such as French Fighter, British Fighter, Shiba Inu, Husky, etc., really need to pay attention to it. It is necessary When you are, you still have to go to the vet!

If you find that the dog scratches its ears frequently, it means that the ears are itchy. Maybe the ears will be scratched, and head shaking or restlessness alike symptoms might appear. All these are likely to be caused by ear mites, scabies, or other parasites. In severe cases, the ear pain is obvious, and it can be painful while being touched. So the dog will refuse to check the ear, and brown-black discharge can also be seen in the ear canal. If a secondary bacterial infection occurs, it may cause suppurative otitis externa and otitis media, and may also affect hearing and brain, so if the symptoms of ear scratching are also obvious, please seek medical attention immediately.

Eye and nose discharge
Excretion of secretions from the eyes or nose, such as a lot of abnormal eye feces, or brown eye dirt, nasal congestion or increased nasal discharge, etc., often tears, etc. It may be that the dog is sick or it may be accompanied by a decrease in appetite. This condition may also be transmitted to dogs at home, but usually, through the help of veterinarian medicine, the recovery speed is very fast.

Breathing changes
Just after exercising, the dog’s breathing will speed up, and the breathing will be louder. But after they rest for a while, they will return to normal. And recently the sweltering season of spring and summer comes, and more attention should be paid to keeping the room in a cool state because dogs maybe get heatstroke, which may lead to overheating. Cardiovascular disease to a certain extent may cause the dog to open his mouth to breathe, or even shortness of breath.
Cardiovascular disease or severe lung disease may cause the blood oxygen concentration to drop, which will force the dog to increase the oxygen content in the blood by more ventilation times. If there is such an obvious abnormal condition, it must be Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Reduced urine volume
Changes in urination are also an important reference indicator. Urine output is usually closely related to urinary tract problems or kidney problems. If you notice changes in the frequency or volume of urine, improper urination, or blood in the urine, please consult a trusted veterinarian as soon as possible. If your dog is urinating very hard, the posture is obviously different from before, and there is no urine coming out, this may be an emergency situation, it is very likely that the urinary tract stones can cause problems in urinating, be sure to take it as soon as possible Your dog goes to the vet.

Thirsty and increased urination (drink more water than usual)
Urine output is usually closely related to urinary tract problems or kidney problems. If you find that your dog urinates more frequently and the amount of urine is also increasing, please consult a trusted veterinarian as soon as possible. If it is a condition of drinking and urination, it is likely to be a symptom of kidney disease or diabetes. Increased thirst and urination may also be the result of urinary tract infections, low-protein diets, drug side effects, or cognitive dysfunction in aging dogs.

Weight change
I hope that breeders can be more alert to changes in dog weight. Now the way many people raise dogs on the Internet will mislead some owners, especially the fat and chubby dogs raised by dogs. A dog in a standard posture has a little waist.
But whether it’s getting fat or getting thinner in a short period of time, both may be signs of potential health problems. Weight loss in a short period of time is a very obvious symptom, which may be a sign of diabetes. It is recommended to consult a doctor immediately.
Weight gain is usually caused over time, which is why the dog’s eating habits and diet choices are important. If the dog’s weight is not controlled, over time, the probability of illness will greatly increase, like joint diseases.

Increased appetite
A sudden increase in the dog’s appetite can also be a problem, especially if it suddenly appears on an old dog. This symptom is likely to be adrenal glands, intestinal glands, or diabetes, but it still needs a veterinarian to sure of the exact symptom. If a dog is infected with intestinal parasites, it will have an increase in appetite but will not get fat. Therefore, regular and quantitative feeding is very important, unless the dog is currently a growing puppy.

Decreased appetite
Occasional loss of appetite may be normal for dogs, especially in summer, when it is too hot, even people’s appetite will become worse, and of course, dogs are the same. But when the dog’s appetite drops significantly, it still cannot be ignored. Everyone should be familiar with their dog’s normal eating state. If you have not observed it carefully, please take a moment to observe and write down this state, because the dog’s appetite can only be known by a clear comparison.

Bad breath or drooling
Bad breath is a sign of dental problems. Mild bad breath may seem okay, but this means that the dog’s teeth should be checked as soon as possible. If it is severe bad breath, it should be resolved as soon as possible. In addition, if there are symptoms such as excessive drooling or oral bleeding, it may indicate that the dog has an oral infection, which will expose the whole body to the bacteria in the mouth because oral bacteria is the most typical disease in the mouth. Dogs will eat bacteria by eating, and this action may cause infections in the heart and other organs. Teeth cleaning is really important. I know that most people don’t have the habit of brushing their dogs’ teeth. But developing a habit of brushing teeth is the most important way to prevent oral diseases. If your dog can’t let you brush your teeth, at least let him eat a cleansing bone every day.

Hyperthermia (fever)
The normal temperature of dogs is higher than that of humans. For example, when we are not touching dogs, we feel warm. Their body temperature is about 38~38.5 degrees. How to observe whether the dog is having a fever?
In fact, it is not difficult. A dog’s fever is usually accompanied by many symptoms, such as lack of energy, poor appetite, and a dry and hot nose. At this time, you can feel the position of the dog’s ear roots again. If it is obviously hotter than other body parts, then it is very likely that the fever has recurred. In addition, fever is a common symptom of many diseases, so this kind of living cannot be ignored, and you need to be sent to the hospital immediately.

How to prevent dogs from getting sick?

After you understand the conditions of the above 20 kinds of dog sickness, you must also understand the principle that prevention comes first. At the core of prevention, there are three main points:

Regular veterinary inspections
Many owners often underestimate the importance of regular veterinary inspections for their dogs. These people may have to wait several years before taking the dog to the vet for an examination. Worse still, they sometimes wait until the dog is obviously sick before taking it to the vet. The reason that can be understood slightly is that these people worry that their dogs are under too much pressure, and they want to avoid putting their dogs under the pressure of diagnosis in a veterinary hospital because some dogs are very repulsive to see a veterinarian and become very anxious and even have Offensive.
But the health of the dog is the most real thing, you can try to find a veterinary hospital with less pressure on the dog. Or you can consider finding a veterinarian who can come to the home to see the dog because most dogs are more able to accept a veterinarian’s diagnosis in a familiar environment.
Therefore, the annual veterinary inspection is essential for dog children. If it is a mature dog over 10 years old, it is recommended to have a physical examination twice a year. Regular physical examinations give the veterinarian the opportunity to examine the dog when he looks healthy, and the veterinarian may also find minor abnormalities during the examination.

Quality eating choices and habits
A good diet is definitely one of the important factors for a dog’s health. A healthy diet for dogs doesn’t include eating processed products. Wet food must be a relatively better choice, such as canned food, raw food, and fresh food. Eating habits should also be paid attention to. If the dog is an adult dog over one year old, he must eat quantitative food on a regular way. Never feed it until it is full. If the dog’s appetite suddenly deteriorates, we will quickly realize this, and take it to a trusted veterinarian for an examination.

Give dogs a stress-free living environment
You don’t fight or scold, you will be rewarded for doing the right thing. Be sure to take your dog out for a walk often. Walking with the dog can not only cultivate feelings but also make the dog’s mood more relaxed. A relaxed mood is more helpful to the dog’s physical and mental health.
If there is no exercise, then the dog will lead a boring life. Unless the dog has reached an advanced age and the amount of activity should be reduced a lot. Of course, you can adjust the time to take her out according to your understanding of the dog. And frequency.
Don’t suddenly change the environment too much, unless you have to move, so in the past few days or even a few weeks after moving, it is recommended to spend time with your pet!

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