Symptoms and Preventive Measures of Cat Discomfort

If your cat has the following symptoms suddenly, it is recommended to consider whether to seek medical attention immediately.

Hide in somewhere
When a cat is uncomfortable or in pain, it may hide from people and not want to be disturbed by other cats. The purpose of hiding is to avoid being seen in an uncomfortable state. This has something to do with the fact that cats will deliberately bear the pain and not show it. When the cat doesn’t even want to bear the pain, it simply chooses to hide and avoid it all the time. If you don’t see each other, it is recommended to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Irritable, restless, aggressive
This way of expressing it is exactly the opposite of the last one hiding. Sometimes a cat in pain may have a sudden attack. As for the onset phenomenon, the cat may begin to yell or breathe when people in the house or other pets approach the cat. A cat who usually doesn’t resist when he hugs him suddenly feels obviously uncomfortable when he hugs him, will run away from you while crying, and may hate being touched or groomed. Cats may also bite or scratch people abnormally, especially when someone touches his painful area.

He was naturally very clean and liked to tidy up his hair. He licked the cat who bathed him from time to time every day. Suddenly he didn’t tidy up his appearance, and even focused on cleaning the face and front of the body, but ignored the others. At this time, you have to worry about whether the cat is already in pain, because this is also an abnormal behavior. Although you need to observe carefully to find out, if you have such doubts, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Significantly reduced mobility
Usually, the decline inactivity is a very obvious situation, and it is easy for the owner to find out. After all, when we get along with cats every day, we must know the amount of activity of the cat under “normal conditions”. If your cat used to have a lot of activity and liked to play, for example, playing with cat grass, making cat sticks crazy, or chasing red dots to an explosion, but you find that the cat is suddenly mentally weak or weak, such as unwilling to jump, When going up and down the stairs, it is difficult to get up and restless after lying down, and it is difficult to find a comfortable place to rest. And you may also notice changes in sleep time. Cats may spend all day sleeping and may sleep in strange positions.

Reduced appetite and drinking less water
If you get along with cats every day, you must know the cat’s appetite and appetite. If the cat that you usually like to eat suddenly stops eating and suddenly doesn’t like drinking water, it means that the cat must be in a physical condition, which is also most likely to be pain. If the reaction is caused, or even caused by other more serious physical conditions, please take her to see the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Disorderly pee (no longer pee in the litter box)
Cats who are accustomed to peeing in the litter box suddenly stop going to the toilet, but pee everywhere. I want to ask the owner to calm down and do not blame him, because the cat’s body may be in an uncomfortable and painful state. At this time, please be sure to take the cat to the veterinary hospital for examination. This condition is extremely likely to be a disease of the urinary system, such as spontaneous cystitis and urinary tract stones.
As for why the cat is suddenly not peeing in the litter box?
In fact, the cat was still used to peeing in the litter box at the beginning, but because of some conditions in the cat’s body, she could not urinate and even caused the cat to have a painful condition, and the cat’s instinct would think that it was the litter box that harmed him. It’s painful, because every time I urinate in the litter box, I feel painful. After this situation lasts once, twice, or three times, the cat decides not to go to the litter box to go to the toilet, so he starts to urinate indiscriminately, but the pain continued.

Cat’s squatting posture
Sometimes when a cat is in severe pain, it looks like it is trying to shrink into a ball, or squatting like a hen, with its back bent more than normally tall, head lowered.

Keep licking parts of the body
This situation is that when the cat has a trauma, it will be itchy before the wound is healed, and the cat will want to lick it. It is a bit like a cat that has just been neutered. You must wear headgear to prevent him from licking the wound. Therefore, when there is pain outside or even inside the cat’s body, there may be licking movements, and the frequency is very frequent. If it is more serious, it will bite off the cat, or even bite to bleed. At this time, the owner must be alert to this situation.

What to do if the cat is in pain

If the cat has many of the above-mentioned obvious uncomfortable symptoms, please take the cat to the veterinary hospital for examination as soon as possible. If the cat is in pain now, the doctor will discuss the follow-up treatment with you.
Never give your cat the analgesics for humans or dogs. The way cats deal with drugs is completely different from humans. Please consult your veterinarian to develop an appropriate pain treatment plan. Please consult your veterinarian and solve the potential pain, instead of letting your cat suffer silently.
After the cat is taken home by you, you need to communicate with your family about the care matters and observe the cat’s recovery from time to time. After all, the cat is such a pain-bearing creature. The point is not to tell you if you are uncomfortable, and our owner is the cat. It is a bridge to communicate with the veterinarian, so be sure to observe the cat’s condition closely, so that you can give the doctor more useful information at the next visit.

Regular veterinary inspections

Many owners often underestimate the importance of regular veterinary inspections for cats. These people may have to wait several years before taking the cat to the vet for an examination. Worse still, they sometimes wait until the cat is sick before taking it to the vet.
The reason that can be understood slightly is that these people are worried that the cat is under too much pressure, and they want to avoid putting their cat under the pressure of diagnosis in the veterinary hospital because some cats are very repulsive to see the veterinarian and will become very anxious and even aggressive when they arrive in the hospital.
But dealing with the health issue of cats is the most urgent thing, you can try to find a veterinary hospital with less pressure on dogs. Or you can consider finding a veterinarian who can come to see a doctor because most dogs are able to accept a veterinarian’s diagnosis in a familiar environment.

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