Shopping List For Beginning Cat Owners

All people who are preparing to adopt/buy cats need to prepare some necessities before welcoming new members to ensure that the cats feel safe and comfortable in their new home. Those who plan to adopt/buy pets in the near future can prepare all the necessities for cats through this list.


Dry food/wet food
Feeder/Water dispenser
Before the cat comes to the new home, you must carefully ask what brand of cat food the cat ate in the previous shelter or cattery. In the process of changing cat food, cats need a transition time of 7-14 days, otherwise it will cause adverse gastrointestinal reactions.

There are many brands of cat dry food. Here are a few brands for everyone. The first one is American Journey. This pet brand was founded by Chewy. Its products are very comprehensive. Not only are the formulas good, but the price is also cheaper than many similar products. Instinct’s dry food is also very popular among Dealmoon users, especially its kitten cat food. The chicken in it comes from free-range chickens and contains natural beneficial bacteria, which can help kittens digest and is suitable for cats under 1 year old. . Purina ONE’s cat food is very popular among veterinarians. Although Purina’s pet food is famous for its cheap prices and ingredients, the Purina ONE series is relaunched after improvement by his family. This brand of cat food is not only very good in composition and formula , And the price is very cheap. In addition to dry food, don’t forget to prepare some wet food. Many cats do not like to drink water. Eating wet food can not only help cats replenish moisture, but also wet food is not as easy to gain weight as dry food.

In addition to the main cat food, everyone should also prepare cat snacks, whether it is used to build relationships with the cat or to reward the cat, it is very effective. To say that the snack brand that is so popular with cats can be said to be Temptations, its snacks are not only crackling and crisp, but also the filling is super delicious. Greenies’ tooth cleaning snacks are a must-have for everyone, not only can keep the cat’s breath fresh, but also prevent dental plaque and dental calculus. It is very practical!

In addition to food, you can also consider a feeder. If you want to travel far away, you don’t need to worry that the cats at home won’t be able to eat food. And after you have a smart feeder, you only need to set how much food to put in it every day, and you don’t need to do it yourself. It’s super convenient. In addition to the feeder, cat owners must enter a drinking fountain. Because cats like to drink flowing water, the high oxygen content of running water from the drinking fountain has a better taste, and the cats who don’t usually drink water can’t resist it.


Cat litter
Cat litter tray
Other supplies
In addition to food, cat toilet supplies are also indispensable. Cats are not like dogs. They need to learn where to go to the toilet. Cats will naturally go to the toilet in the litter tray. As long as you prepare a litter tray filled with cat litter, you don’t need to worry. In terms of the choice of cat litter, Dr. Elsey’s cat litter is one of the most popular cat litters on the market. Its cat litter is a low-sensitivity cat litter that does not contain plant protein. It has very good water absorption and is easy to aggregate. 99.9% dust-free, easy to clean. Arm & Hammer’s cat litter is easier to clean up with clumps and lock water, and every use can ensure that there is no odor for up to a week, even if there are several people at home, it can be used with confidence. Tidy Cats’ cat litter is cheap and has a unique coating technology, which can bring a 99.6% dust-free experience by forming a tight dust-proof mesh protective layer.

The litter tray needs to be cleaned every day, but the smart litter box does not require you to “shovel shit” manually. ScoopFree’s smart litter box is equipped with a smart infrared sensor system, which can be automatically opened and cleaned after the cat goes to the toilet. All excrement will be automatically collected under the lid, and no excrement will appear in our visible position. Shovelers who do not plan to enter the smart cat litter tray can also consider this IRIS fully enclosed cat litter tray. The space in the litter box is huge. The cat must enter the litter box through the upper hole to prevent the cat litter from splashing. The top cover of the litter box also has a function of preventing litter. Even if the cat takes out the litter, it will remain on the top cover.

In addition to cat litter and cat litter tray, don’t forget to buy a cat litter shovel. You can also consider a cat litter pad. The cat litter pad can minimize tracking trash and help protect the floor.


Funny cat stick
Electric toys
Cats also need entertainment. Toys such as small springs, mice, and small balls can be said to be a must-have for every family. These toys are not only hilarious for the cats to play with themselves, but everyone can also kick the toys around at home to interact with the cats. If you want to interact with cats, using a funny cat stick is a good choice, so that you will not accidentally be scratched by the cat during play. The laser pointer is also necessary. No cat can not be tempted by the laser pointer. In addition to the toys mentioned above, you can also consider some self-healing toys and electric toys, so that the cat will not feel lonely when everyone is not at home.



Scratching post
Cat climbing tree
Cat bed
The scratching post can help cats sharpen their claws and clean the dirt in their nails. If the scratching post is not available at home, it may cause the cat to start scratching furniture or carpets. In addition to scratching posts, cats have a natural climbing habit. Cat climbing trees allows cats to have a sports field at home. There is always a cat bed on the table and on the floor at home. Although cats prefer to sleep on the bed with their owner, when you work or play on the computer, you can put a cat bed on the table so that the cat will not stay on the table. Excuse everyone. The cat bed on the floor can choose a closed cat bed, which will make the cat feel more secure. Sometimes the cat does not want to squeeze on the bed with the owner, but will run to the cat bed on the floor to sleep.



Take a bath
Brush your teeth
Cut nails
Unlike dogs, cats need to bathe often, especially indoor cats rarely get dirty. Some cats are particularly resistant to water. You can consider some disposable shower gels and cleansing wipes to clean your cats. Long-haired cats need help from the owner every day, and short-haired cats can be less groomed every 3-7 days. If the cat is not groomed often, it may cause the cat’s hair to knot, or the cat may eat too much hair when licking the hair and cause symptoms such as vomiting. If you don’t like to be combed, you can consider a combing glove. Basically, no cat will resist combing gloves. On average, every week or every 10 days, you need to shovel the poop to cut your cat’s nails. If the cat’s claw is too long, it will sting the paw, and the too long cat’s claws may scratch people.



Cat bag/cat cage
Cat collar/towing rope
ID card
Every time you take your cat out to see a doctor or travel, you will always need a travel bag. There is a soft cushion inside the travel bag, which is very comfortable. But if you want to take it on the plane, you need to buy a cat hard-shell travel cage that meets aviation regulations. If you want to walk your cat, you should buy a cat vest and cat walking rope specially designed for cats, so that you will not hurt your cat and make your cat feel very comfortable after wearing it. If you have a plan to let the cat go out, don’t forget to add an ID card to the cat’s collar so that you are not afraid of the cat accidentally getting lost.


Health products
The health of cats must not be ignored! Once you have adopted/purchased a cat, it is recommended that everyone immediately find a pet hospital to do a full-body examination for the cat, and save the cat’s information in a file with the veterinarian, so that the veterinarian will promptly call to remind you if you need an injection in the future. In addition, cats need to be dewormed regularly by their owners every month. The more popular brands of cat repellent are Revolution’s in vitro deworming drugs that require a doctor’s prescription, and Frontline Plus’s in vitro deworming that does not require a doctor’s prescription. Medicine, Capstar’s oral anthelmintic, Seresto’s anthelmintic collar, etc.

According to the cat’s health and special needs, you can add appropriate health care products to their diet. For example, salmon oil can help cats get healthier skin and brighter hair. Hair removal cream can help cats better digest the hair bulbs in the stomach. Cats with poor stomach can add probiotics to their diets. Large cats can properly eat some nutrients to maintain their joint health.

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