Pet Fostering Guide in 2021

Keeping pets is a hobby of many people, but when many friends want to go out for a short time, they are always worried that their pets will have nowhere to stay and that they will be unattended. During a short vacation, it is not a wise choice to bring a pet with you. If you do not say anything about it, it will cause a lot of trouble for yourself and your pets. Fostering is undoubtedly the best method. Today, let’s talk about the choice of pet fostering and some precautions.

U.S. Pet Boarding Model

1. Family foster care (take DogVacay as an example)

Detailed introduction of the model: Its business model is a replica of the homestay for international students, but the service targets have changed from people to animals. It has gathered a large number of users from all over the world who are willing to let their pets live in their own homes. They are called “hosts”. When pet owners need to go out, they can choose a suitable foster family on DogVacay according to their geographic location and other requirements, and let their pets live there for a period of time.

Price reference: The fees for foster families vary, generally less than US$50 per day, which is cheaper than a pet hospital. DogVacay will draw a commission of 5% to 10%.

DogVacay website features: It has a strict review mechanism to ensure that foster families meet the qualifications and provide unique services. The foster care of pet hospitals generally put pets in cages and then put them in a crowded room. It is difficult to have “personalized” care for pets. However, DogVacay’s host family usually only accepts one pet, and will often interact with the pet, such as walking with the dog, playing games, etc. This means that only true pet lovers can join DogVacay, which in turn ensures the quality of service.

2、Pet Sitter

Description: Pet Sitter is a popular foster care method in the United States. Professionals come to your home every day to provide daily pet replenishment and cleaning services, and the salary is calculated according to the time. The reason is that there is nothing more at ease for pets than staying at home. Changing an unfamiliar environment will increase the psychological pressure for pets. Even if some pets are good at social, they will also have psychological pressure if they are not accompanied by their owner for a long time. Not eating or drinking is the most obvious symptom. Pet Sitter solves this problem very well. It takes 15 minutes to 3 hours a day to clean up, feed, and play with your pets in your home. And there are some professional pet sitters that can provide other services such as medicine feeding and dog walking.

Price: The average price is generally 15 US dollars/15 minutes, 20 US dollars/30 minutes (the price is for reference only, there will be different prices in different regions). If you are willing to bear this expensive expenditure for your pet, this is a good choice, which allows the little pets to live in a familiar and safe environment.

3、Pet Boarding

Description: Pet Boarding is a mainstream foster care method in the United States. The lowest price is actually not much different from Pet Sitter. Here your pet can play with other animals, and most boarding centers have also set up cameras to allow owners to watch their dogs remotely. The foster care center will also require relevant documents before sending it such as vaccines, health, and deworming to be presented.

Price: Pet Boarding is comparable to Pet Sitter in terms of price, and the average price of basic cage fostering is $20-$25/piece/night. The high-end pet boarding is also called Pet Hotel, and the price is $35-$90/pet/night.

Tips: You must be optimistic about checking online reviews or on-site inspections in advance. It is very necessary to choose a foster care center with a good environment.

However, the mode of foster care centers is generally cages or small rooms, which are not very friendly to pets. Pet owners must consider this.

4、Dog Parker (DogSpot)

Description: This mode is a newly launched mode in recent years, but this mode is only suitable for short-term foster care. If you need to spend a day with your boyfriend in a two-person world, or enter some places where pets are not allowed, then this solution It’s a good choice.

Price: Just download the app on your phone, register as a member, and add an annual fee of $25 to become a DogSpot member. When you need it, just check the doghouse closest to you on the app You can make an appointment 15 minutes in advance, and there will be a timer fee of 0.2 cents per minute when you use it, and the upper limit is 90 minutes.

This small doghouse is very spacious and clean. It is furnished with a comfortable dog pad and a temperature control device. When the dog leaves, it will automatically activate the short-wave ultraviolet sterilization function to create a very clean dog. The environment, generally large dogs can also be fully accommodated. But Dog Parker will require you to submit a timely vaccination when registering.

Some people say that I still can’t worry about my carefulness. What if someone picks up the lock and takes it away? Don’t worry, there is a surveillance camera installed inside, so you can check the dog’s situation at any time on your phone. How about it, is it very convenient and worry-free? No longer have to worry about the dog being taken away by bad guys when shopping. Note that a certificate of rabies and other vaccines is required to ensure that the rabies virus is not spread.

Precautions for U.S. Pet Boarding

If you know your time away from home in advance, you must first find a way to place your pet. Whether it is door-to-door service or delivery to a foster care center, the formalities must not be sloppy when signing, and the safety and health of the pet must be the prerequisite. If you are lucky enough to meet a friend who is willing to help you raise it, then you should also explain the various problems about raising, especially the weak pets. Be sure to keep your pet insurance in order to facilitate timely medical treatment. In addition, you need to pay attention to the following matters when raising pets:

Animals that are too young are not suitable for foster care: Because young animals have weak resistance and low adaptability, they are susceptible to bacterial infection in foster care, which is more dangerous.
Pets that are timid or are not very friendly to strangers are not suitable for foster care.
Pets in estrus are not suitable for foster care.
Pets that are being vaccinated are not suitable for foster care.
Frail pets are not suitable for foster care.

What should the pet owner provide to the fostering center when putting a pet in foster care?

1. The usual feeding habits, the owner should explain the pet’s eating (such as food brand, intake, etc.), sleep and other living habits to the staff, and it is best to form a written introduction.
2. The pet’s personality characteristics, pet preferences and other information, as well as the owner’s usual coping methods and comfort measures when special circumstances occur.
3. Toys that pets love, it is best to bring toys that pets like to facilitate the staff to take care of the pets.

Finally, if the first foster care is best not to exceed 5 days. Fostering has more or less psychological effects on pets, especially cats and dogs. Because they are gregarious animals, they are relatively human, and they have been in contact with their owners for a long time, and they will definitely have some uncomfortable reactions when they suddenly arrive in an unfamiliar environment. Therefore, the fostering time should generally not exceed 5 days.

If the pets you raise are afraid of strangers in normal times, it is recommended not to choose foster care. Because animals are very susceptible to getting sick during this period, and individual pets will go on hunger strike or even die. Even if the dog is in foster care for the second or third time, try to keep the period within 15 days, and no more than 20 days at most.

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