Pet Automatic Feeder Purchase Guide 2021

If you have a pet at home, do you occasionally feel anxious when you need to work overtime frequently and travel on business, but you don’t have time to take care of your pet? Pet is an important family member which can‘t be always on your side. At this time, an easy-to-use automatic feeder comes in handy. It can not only feed your cute pet at home when it’s hungry, but it is also a weapon for scientifically planning your pet’s diet! It can automatically deliver food regularly and quantitatively, and solve the trouble of being unable to feed pets on time due to work, travel, and other reasons. Many artifacts also support functions such as live recording and broadcasting, automatic water feeding, and some even have their own cameras to observe pets in real time at any time.

What are the functions of automatic feeders?

1. Replace artificial feeding
When we work overtime, travel on business or occasionally go out for fun, the automatic feeder can replace us to feed our pets so that they will not be hungry. As long as you set up a feeding plan in advance, you don’t need to get up early to feed your cat anymore.
2. Let pets develop regular eating habits
“Eat smaller meals” can better control their weight and better protect their intestines and stomach.
3. Reduce the smell
Cat food or dog food has a strong flavor. If the opening food is not consumed, the house will be full of its smell. With the automatic feeding machine, food can be delivered more accurately, so that cats or dogs will have no leftovers.

Are automatic feeders useful? Who is suitable for?

Automatic feeders are definitely useful! There is no doubt about this! Especially for office workers, when we need to go out for a few days or more than a week on business trips, tourism, or visiting relatives, and we are worried about the problem of raising pets at home, then intelligent and automated feeders will play an important role.
But if you have time to feed your pet, or if you are on a business trip, you entrust your friend can take care of the pet, then there is no need to buy a feeder.

What are the disadvantages of automatic automatic feeder?

Although we are also a kind of “automatic feeder” in the eyes of cats, eating is an interactive process after all. After all, the automatic feeder itself is also a machine, so for cats or dogs, the process of eating is destined to be lonely.
If the automatic feeder fails, it will directly affect the pet’s eating, so be sure to choose a quality feeder.
If we rely too much on automatic feeding machines, it will reduce our chances of communicating with pets. Cats and dogs are both sensitive.

How to choose an automatic feeder?

1. Timed and quantitative, high precision of grain output, low frequency of grain jam
You can freely set the time of serving and the amount of each serving. It is supposed to give an accurate amount. More high-end products should be able to show how much the pet has eaten, and adjust the amount of food for the next time based on timely feedback based on the remaining food on the plate. Most importantly, the frequency of getting food is low. Otherwise, if the machine catches the food, your baby will be starved to death at home.
2. The sense of use and operation interface on the mobile phone
I believe that everyone has this experience. As long as pets are not by their side, the breeder will be particularly concerned about them, worrying about whether they will not eat well or sleep well.
Many of the current intelligent automatic feeders already have functions that can be remotely controlled via a mobile phone APP.
It can also see the actual situation of Mao’s child in time through the video, and can even conduct a “voice conversation” with the pet remotely.
If conditions permit, try to choose a feeder with a “remote network” function, which is tantamount to providing insurance for the safety of your pets.
3. Dual power supply system
That is, a plug-in power supply and a dry battery power supply. In fact, as far as the city is concerned, the probability of a sudden and prolonged power outage is extremely low. However, the probability of a power outage is greater than the risk of the Mao child fiddled with the wire to cut off the power and food.
4. Camera function
Many friends have cameras at home, which can be monitored and viewed remotely. It doesn’t matter whether the feeder itself has a camera or not. If there is no other camera at home, the feeder has a camera, it will be an extra layer of protection.

In addition to the above 4 points, the following points that need to be paid attention to when purchasing are:

1. The capacity is matched with the pets in the house
The capacity of the feeder used to feed the cat and the dog is definitely different. There is only one cat at home and a family with N cats, and the capacity of the feeder selected will vary greatly. The capacity of the automatic feeder is not as big as possible. It is more reasonable to choose the appropriate capacity according to the situation of the hairy children in your home.
2. Does the material of the dinner plate pass?
Generally, there are two types of materials: FDA edible materials, ABS plastic or inedible ABS plastic, 304 stainless steel and ceramic glass are edible materials, so it is generally recommended to choose FDA material as the ABS material for the dinner plate as the body. You need to look at it when you buy it, you can’t ignore it!

What types of automatic feeders are there?

There are several types of automatic pet feeders, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing one, you should buy it according to your needs.
1. Hourglass automatic feeder
The hourglass feeder does not mean that it looks like an hourglass, but the food outlet of the feeder uses the hourglass principle: when there is food in the dog bowl, because the outlet of the food storage box is blocked by the dog food, the dog food inside will not But once the dog has eaten the dog food in the basin, the outlet is cleaned up, and the dog food in the food storage box is not blocked, it will flow out of the food storage box.
2. Electronic automatic feeder
The electronic automatic feeder is based on the mechanical feeder (which has been eliminated). The food outlet is controlled by electronic devices (electronic alarm clock, time relay, PLC, etc.), and the food outlet is opened and closed regularly, or the food is pushed to the food outlet. Inside the box, or push the food box to the outlet.
This type of feeder needs to be powered by electricity or batteries, and can be set for multiple timing and quantitative feeding. Most of the automatic feeders on the market now belong to this type of product. Depending on the electronic device used, some of its functions are simple and some are various. Of course, the price of multiple functions is also expensive.
3. Intelligent automatic feeder
The biggest advantage of smart feeders lies in the word “smart”. For example, we can use the mobile phone APP to control when and how much food is delivered from the feeder, or with our own camera, so that everyone can see the pet’s feeding situation even when traveling on business, and some can even call the pet through the feeder. In addition, some styles are said to be able to scientifically arrange food intake and eating time according to factors such as pet’s body shape, weight, and seasonal changes.

Recommendations for pet feeder brands and related products

Many friends definitely want to know which brands of pet feeders are good. In fact, there are many types of smart feeders on the market. There are also many smart pet feeders with good reputation and affordable price. Today, the following popular pet feeders are mainly recommended for reference.

1. DOGNESS automatic pet feeder

It’s a well-known pet smart technology brand, which focuses on providing one-stop smart services for pet families around the world. The company’s products include dog leashes, pet straps, various webbings, lanyards, slings and other categories.
Using the DOGNESS automatic WiFi dog and cat smart feeder with HD camera, you can feed your furry friends even if you are not at home. Download the free app and feed your pets on-demand over the phone or set a schedule. The feeder provides accurate portions and has a patented paper jam-free dispensing mechanism. It also has a voice recording/playback function for programming mealtime to reduce the burden on your pet. It is also equipped with a 165-degree high-definition night vision camera, so you can keep an eye on your pet day and night. There are many colors to choose from, choose the color that matches your decoration and your child’s personality.
Reference price: $129.99
DOGNESS Mini Programmable Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder
It doesn’t matter if there is no internet, you can still use the DOGNESS mini programmable pet feeder to set up a daily dinner for your little pet. The LCD screen on the front of the device is designed to easy use, but cannot be adjusted by pets. The cute and clean appearance includes a two-liter food container, which uses an internal turntable to dispense pets’ favorite foods without clogging. The stainless steel feeding pan can be easily removed and cleaned, helping to prevent pets from having black chins. Powered by the USB connection, this also includes a self-activating built-in backup battery for emergency situations.
Reference price: $69.99

2. petWant automatic pet feeder

petWant is one of the earliest brands in the field of pet intelligence, and its sales in North America, Japan and South Korea are not low. petWant was established in 2003 with 17 years of development history. It is one of the earliest companies to develop pet feeders. With strong scientific research strength and professional services, its sales network covers more than 80 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, and South Korea. , Has become the common choice of 1,000,000+ pet families worldwide.
Petwant Automatic automatic feeder for Dogs & Cats
Reference price: $179.98

3. PetSafe automatic pet feeder

As the best-selling dog feeder, petsafe’s appearance design is relatively mediocre, but it is more in line with the aesthetics of the older generation, a well-regulated type of home appliance. What’s more interesting is that in order to follow the tradition, the stainless steel food bowl is still used, and it is detachable for easy cleaning. As a best-selling product, the advantages of Petsafe are also remarkable. In addition to its simple shape, easy operation and durability, the disadvantage is its high price compared to other products. And extra accessories need to be purchased separately, which is very troublesome, so if it is used by the baby at home and does not consider economic issues, it can be a good choice.
PetSafe Second Generation Dog and Cat Automatic Smart Feeder
This smart pet feeder can be connected to WIFI, and hosts can feed their pets regularly and quantitatively through the APP. At the same time, the feeder is equipped with a sensor. Whenever the pets start to eat, they will notify the owner through the mobile phone. In this way, the owner can better understand the eating habits and appetite of his pets at home, so as to control the weight of the pets and give them a healthier state and a better body shape. In addition, the rice bowl of the feeder can be cleaned in a dishwasher, which is very convenient~
Reference price: $169.95

4. HoneyGuaridan automatic feeder

HG (HoneyGuaridan) is keen to create innovative products to help customers have more quality time with their pets. HoneyGuaridan deeply understands and appreciates how satisfying pets’ lives are. This is why HG (HoneyGuaridan) is not only a brand of pet supplies, but also a bridge that connects the trust and desire of people and pets to live in harmony.
HoneyGuaridan Automatic automatic feeder
As the best-selling one among the small animal pet feeders, HoneyGuaridan first has a stylish and design-like appearance, like the Wall-E robot. The storage container can hold 1.5KG pet food at a time. It can be used for up to one week according to the food of cats or dogs. And the appearance of the storage container is made of transparent plastic, so it is easy to see the food leftover at a glance. With food storage airtightness, food can be stored safely and cleanly for a long time.
Reference price: $64.99

5. Petnet Smart Pet Feeder

Petnet is a leader in personalized pet feeding, providing pet owners with the tools and information to make healthier feeding choices for their dogs or cats. Petnet’s SmartBowl and SmartFeeder work in conjunction with the Petnet application to recommend appropriate feeding ingredients based on the specific age, weight, breed, activity level, and diet of a dog or cat. Through SmartFeeder, pet owners can customize feeding plans for their dogs or cats, and food will always arrive in time regardless of whether the pet owner is at home or not.
Petnet SmartFeeder (2nd generation) Automatic Wi-Fi automatic feeder
This smart pet feeder can be connected to WIFI, and hosts can feed their pets regularly through the APP. In the APP, you can fill in the pet’s weight and the food brand ate, and then you can receive personalized feeding suggestions. In this way, the owner can better control the food intake and weight of the pet and give them a healthier body and body shape. In addition, the rice bowl of the feeder can be cleaned with a dishwasher, which is very convenient.
Reference price: $139.99

Recommended other popular pet feeders

1. Xiaomi Mijia Smart automatic feeder Cat Dog Remote Automatic Feeding Bowel
This Xiaomi automatic feeder is mainly divided into two parts, the main unit, and the food bowl. The two are buckled through a magnetic design so that pets will not be separated from the main unit due to excessive eating in daily use. In terms of material, whether it is the grain storage bucket, stir grain slices, grain fan blades, or food bowls in the host, all are made of food contact grade materials. At the same time, the 304 stainless steel food bowl is not easy to accumulate grease, and all parts are detachable. The design is convenient for daily cleaning to give you a hygienic pet.
In addition, this Mijia smart pet feeder also adds a replaceable drying box, plus a 360° silicone sealing ring used in the lid, which effectively prevents air from entering, slowing down the oxidation of grain, and allowing dry pet food in the grain storage barrel. Drying and freshness is not easy to get damp, and the drying box is also the only consumable of the Mijia smart pet feeder.
Reference price: $165.99

2. PETKIT Automatic Cat Puppy Feeder
Xiaopei’s pet smart feeder is definitely a must-have artifact for the owner to settle down on a short-term trip! The internal cure desiccant prevents food from moisture. Personalized pet feeding: 5g to 50g meal, set meal plan, feeding at any time; a weight sensor: when the food bucket is low, you will receive a notification, and an alarm will be issued when it is empty.
Reference price: $89.99

Applicable scenes and targeted people to use automatic pet feeders:

Generally speaking, automatic feeders are mainly suitable for the following 3 scenarios:
1. In life, various reasons make it inconvenient to feed pets in time.
For example: regular overtime entertainment/ irregular working hours / frequent business trips or travel/ need to go back home during the New Year’s holidays;
However, the best use scenario for the automatic feeding machine is short-term travel (within 4 days). For long-term travel, it is better to choose “foster care”.
However, it is not recommended to use an automatic feeder if the baby pet less than 3 months old.
2. The cat/dog that cannot control the amount of food.
First of all, most dogs have no restraint on food, because the “satisfaction” in the stomach is transmitted to the brain more slowly.
Especially puppies, there is no restraint in eating. But for cats, some of them can control their mouths, and they should be able to make judgments by observing their pets more often.
3.People who want to use intelligent pet products
For example, it feels cumbersome to weigh the cat food manually every time, or it’s hard to get through the weekend and want to sleep in late. You can use artificial feeding and “automatic feeding machine” alternately, which can indeed improve the life efficiency of lazy people.

Tips for buying pet feeders

The capacity of the pet feeder should be as close as possible to the required single feeding volume, so as to ensure that the injection dose is up to the most suitable amount.
To the aspirate liquid, first pull the needle tube to the position of maximum capacity, so that the air in the system can be discharged more conveniently when the liquid is aspirated. In the process, first empty the volume, and then clean the liquid and then properly downward according to the required dosage. Adjust the position of the needle tube.
Accuracy test. Before the work starts, set the required dose and test the accuracy of the feeder with twice the scale.
After maintenance, the pet feeder should be properly cleaned and disinfected according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that the piston runs smoothly, and store the syringe in a clean place after it has dried.

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