Nice, Clean And Family-Friendly Small Pets, Waiting For You To Take Home

Nice, Clean And Family-Friendly Small Pets, Waiting For You To Take Home

Sometimes having a pet is a light to brighten up your life, and all the loneliness and boredom can be instantly cured and dispelled. Now the range of pets is not only limited to cats and dogs, more and more people choose to keep small pets!

This article is to introduce some cute, fluffy, healing pets which are closer to people than dogs, but cleaner than cats, easy to keep and save.


Small pets for beginners


Chinchilla’s hair is fluffy and soft, super comfortable to touch, but also not easy to lose. Its docile character is loved by everyone. Just kiss and hug it! The chinchilla is odorless and clean, and there are no parasites, so the owner only needs to prepare a cage and feed to ensure that it has enough space to move. Overall, chinchillas are very easy to keep.

Chinchillas can be kept together, and can also live in harmony with other pets such as dogs, but the breeder must slowly establish the connection between the pets! When raising them, you need to pay attention to the temperature and air circulation, and to turn on the air conditioner to cool down in summer. In addition, you need to pay attention to noise and strangers, etc., so as not to cause fright.

Chinchilla is not very picky about food and feed and environment, and very close to people with a strong sense of companionship, fluffy and fat, staying quiet in the arms. Everyone loves!


Pet hamsters also have a classification, of which the relatively large size of the Syrian hamster, dwarf hamsters include Campbell’s dwarf hamster (Phodopus campbelli), the winter white dwarf hamster (Phodopus sungorus) and the Roborovski hamster (Phodopus roborovskii). There are familiar species of golden bear, purple hamster, pudding, milk tea and silver fox, etc.

Hamsters are small in size, cute things held in the palm of the hand, and the cages and toys required for rearing do not occupy a large area. They are very suitable for renters and people studying abroad. The personality is docile, lively but not noisy, but with a strong sense of territory, it is suitable for one cage and one for each cage.

The little friend who raises hamsters must try the “mouse cake”, gently stroke the back, the hamster will become flattened, and eventually evolve into a mouse cake spread in the palm of the hand. Soooooo cute!


Generally speaking, pet hedgehogs are African mini hedgehogs. They are small and do not need to hibernate. They are very suitable for domestication and used to sleeping during the day and doing activities at night. When you raise it, please prepare food bowls for it only, drinking fountains and toilets with appropriate temperature.


Flying Little Cute Pets


There are many categories of pet parrots, which are divided into small, medium and large according to their size. Small parrots are common tiger skins, peony and black phoenix; medium-sized ones are most famous for Melopsittacus undulatus, Nymphicus hollandicus, Agapornis spp; large parrots are more representative of pygmy parrot, Alexandria parrot and Amazon parrot.

Parrots are easy to feed, can clean themselves, are clean and have no odor, their appearance can be sweet and cool, and they like to be with people. The parrot does live long! It’s not a problem to live for ten years if you raise it well, and you can spend more time with your master.

It looks like table tennis, peaches and small tennis balls. So cute! It also has the title of Siberian Husky in its world.

Sugar Glide

After hamsters and chinchillas, the honey glider is the newest favorite of the Internet celebrities. It has a super mini body and a big tail, as well as big round eyes and pink nose. The sight of it makes people fall in love with it. BTS jin’s pets are two gliders!

It feels like a pocket elf, and it will be very clingy to the breeder when it is raised from a baby to now. It like to get into people’s sleeves and pockets, and they can accompany people all day long.

However, the feeding of sugar gliders is a bit cumbersome. In addition to arranging its eating and drinking, it is best to customize a high raised pet cage with a warm temperature. By the way, the sugar glider has a sensitive personality. If you don’t accompany it, or let it be frightened, it will be a suicide tragedy!


Easy-raising Pets


I’m afraid that everyone has raised a bunny when they were children. It is an easy-raising pet! The type of current rabbits are different from the ones that cost dozens of dollars at the entrance of the park in the past. There have been a lot of pet rabbit breeds, and each one catches people’s hearts!
In addition to the well-known lop-eared rabbits, there are also the mini Netherland Dwarf and the Mini Rex with excellent touch feelings, both of which are very popular!

Netherland Dwarf

Rabbits are lively, gentle, and quiet. They like human contact and interact with their owners. They are good companion pets. With the furry touch and cute appearance, everyone loves it! Many students who don’t like or are afraid of rodents, birds, and want to keep small pets, choose bunny and it is very suitable~

Call duck

The smart Call duck can be domesticated, and understands what people say. Its running gesture is very cute. It often asks the breeder to touch and hug, this “sticky little fairy” is also easy to care. It needn’t walking and bathing often, no body odor, no hair loss. Perfect! If you have a Call duck, then you can produce your own memes!

The Little Pig

Many people now raise dogs and cats, but many celebrities have started raising pigs! The chubby pig must feel good to the touch!

In fact, as long as it is cleaned, there will be no smell on the pig. In addition, the pig is not a noisy character that jumps up and down, and there is no problem with domestication. Pigs will not be rejected when they are touched and hugged.

However, here is the key point to tell everyone: there is no such thing that the pig will always stay in a small size even the pet pig! It’s just that pet pigs won’t grow into a 150 kilos giant by controlling what it eats and other methods, but they will never be a mini pig treasure that stays in your arms all the time. It’s normal to grow a few kilos!

Don’t buy one when you are on impulse!

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