How To Raise A Common Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko is an entry-level color reptile pet, docile and not aggressive, and does not require much care at home.
This post contains the preparations for getting started with the leopard gecko to the experience of feeding and caring. If you are also in a similar situation to ours, or are simply interested in climbing pets, please continue to read it.

Leopard Gecko

The leopard gecko is a very beautiful reptile. The full length of the adult body (including the tail) is about 20cm, and the maximum length is 25cm. The body will have purple-brown and bright yellow stripes (banded). When it grows up, the dark stripes will start to break up into small dots. A few adults will leave a little striped pattern. There are two basic types of leopard prints that are bred today. Color “primary color” and “high yellow”.

Before raising any pets, you must understand their habits, and the same goes for climbing pets. Although the leopard gecko is a docile child, it is certainly not like a kitten or puppy, which can snuggle in the arms of people and give people warmth. Rather than keeping pets, the function of climbing pets may be stronger. It sleeps most of the day and starts to look for food at night. As a host, we can provide him with a warm and comfortable living environment, observe his daily life, hunt and prey, and take it out for a few minutes to interact with each other, but basically it is only limited to this. This is determined by the nature of the leopard gecko.



If you already understand the relevant knowledge and are ready to welcome a crawling pet home, go directly to the pet shop. Here are some things you need to prepare. In addition, petco’s leopard gecko can be returned if you don’t eat or drink or get sick within 30 days after the sale.

Leopard gecko is the best kind of gecko pet, very suitable for novices. In addition to feeding and watering every day, it is just cleaning once on weekends. It’s really simple. Today I will talk to you about some things you need to buy to raise a leopard gecko.

If you go to a pet store to buy it, the clerk will give you a brochure with what you need to prepare, and they will help you choose it together. You can also buy it online (it may be cheaper), assemble everything at home, take a photo, and take it to the pet shop. The clerk confirms that you have prepared a warm home for the little shougong before selling the little things to you.


Introduce these things required:
Glass jar (20 gallons). The leopard gecko grows to about 20 cm in adulthood, and the 20-gallon tank is more spacious and comfortable.

Light. Keep warm + indicate daytime. Usually it is open during the day, about 12 hours. No need to buy lamps with UVB.

Thermometer. Used to detect temperature changes, the minimum cannot be lower than 70F, and the maximum is more than 90. Sometimes in the summer when the house is hot and the cage is hot, he will have a bad appetite and he will not want to eat.

Heating pad. Stick it on the bottom of the glass jar and keep it on. The leopard gecko needs to lie in a warm place so that it can digest the food in the belly, so it must be cushioned.

Change the floor mats. Prepare at least two and change them once a week.

Various decorative ornaments and pools. Buy it whatever you want, put one on the side of the light, or one in the shade, it can go wherever you want. Put the pool in the middle to increase the humidity. The pool cannot be bought too deep, it is better to buy shallower, otherwise it is not safe.

Calcium powder. Many reptiles need calcium supplements. When you can feed it, pour the calcium powder on the crickets and shake them evenly, so that the crickets are evenly covered with the calcium powder. The white powder in the cage was dropped by the crickets.

Tweezers: You may also need a pair of tweezers. If the gecko does not eat well, you need to use tweezers to hold the crickets and feed him. Shake when feeding ←_←, pretend that the cricket is jumping alive, otherwise it may not want to eat it. You can also prepare some small stones to keep them warm.


Take care of a Peeling Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos will peel many times from childhood to adulthood. In order to make him peel off normally, we put moist kitchen paper under the shady tree trunk, and we also need to make sure that there is always some water in its small pool.

Generally, the gecko bought in the pet store is young, and it will grow up slowly after taking it home. A gecko will peel off its skin once in a while and then eat its own skin. When the color of the gecko’s body begins to turn gray, it is best to prepare a moist place to peel him off. For some geckos peeling off, it is difficult to position the toes. Excessive force may injure the toes or break them. So after seeing it peeling off, it is best to check whether its body is injured.

Some geckos may be more sensitive to the projection of the glass tank and want to attack themselves in the mirror. If you find that your gecko has this tendency, you can print some pictures and landscapes and paste them in the glass tank to decorate it, which is also to protect the gecko’s safety.


Precautions for Raising Crickets at Home.

Crickets are the best choice to feed Leopard geckos. Leopard geckos should be fed regularly and quantitatively, preferably in the evening. If you have the conditions, it will be more cost-effective to raise crickets for feed at home.

There are many cricket farms in the United States. In addition to being used as pet feed, the crickets raised are also ground into protein powder and used as food additives for human consumption (for example, added to biscuits). Crickets can eat a lot of organic waste, so breeding them is very environmentally friendly. The crickets on sale are all sterile processed and are safe to eat for pets.

If you buy crickets at a pet shop, you can buy ten crickets a day for about $1. It is troublesome to buy it every day, and the price is more expensive. Buy it on Amazon. 500 pieces will be delivered for more than $20, which is much cheaper.

Where Crickets to Live

The crickets are kept in a large transparent storage box (drilled with some small holes), and the lid is made of the old filter iron net of the air conditioner at home, which can ensure air circulation. In terms of the choice of crickets, you can buy a medium size leopard gecko. However, some crickets will grow to be extremely large and even begin to scream. The dragon and phoenix of the crickets can probably be used to play.

When buying it, it is best to choose genetically modified crickets that do not emit a bad smell. Put some egg packaging boxes in the boxes, which can increase the space for their activities. Open the courier box, there will usually be egg boxes inside, so just pour them all in.

What Crickets to Eat

I personally think that potatoes are the most suitable ration for crickets. If you feed wet dishes such as vegetable leaves, the crickets will have runny poop, and the box will be smelly and disgusting. The potatoes are just right! Cut it in half and throw it in. It is very important to ensure adequate food, otherwise the crickets will kill each other.

When feeding the palace, take ten small bottles and put in a little calcium powder and shake them. 500 can only be eaten for a long time, because they can still breed, and they can often see small crickets grow out, and they can also see albino crickets. These crickets do not bark and have no peculiar smell. They are raised on regular farms. The quality can be guaranteed after disinfection. They can be eaten with confidence. That’s probably it.


How to Choose the Right Decoration

I saw many youtubers decorating and decorating the gecko’s home in various ways. Later, it was discovered that too complicated decorations would block its sight and provide natural shelter for the crickets, which seriously affected the predation of the leopard gecko. Therefore, I personally think that simple decoration is better, and the stone house I bought later can have a lot of shade during the day, which I particularly like. If you find that the leopard gecko will attack the self projected on the glass, you can paste a landscape picture inside the glass tank, which is both beautiful and can prevent it from hurting yourself.

Pick up a dead branch, wash and polish all the moss and dirt on the branch with coarse sandpaper, and thoroughly disinfect it, and then dry it in the sun. Drill a few holes with an electric drill, insert the fake fleshy Amazon bought, and you’re done. Those decorations bought by petco are very expensive and not good-looking. The size of your own DIY is suitable, and there is a sense of high and low levels. The little gecko likes it very much. Once it is done, it will crawl everywhere to play.

How to Get Closer

As mentioned before, nature determines that it is impossible for Leopard Gecko to become intimate partners with us. However, in the process of feeding, it will get acquainted with you and let go of its vigilance. For example, using tweezers to hold a cricket to feed it, you can slowly develop a good impression on you. At first, it may run when you see that your hand is about to reach in and grab it, but slowly it will be obedient and not dodge, and it will be able to stay in your palm for a while. Even so, it is not recommended to take it out to play often. It is almost like playing once a week during cleaning.

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