How to Purchase and Adopt Pets in Canada

Things to know before adopting a pet

1. Psychological preparation: Before raising a pet, think clearly about whether you can be responsible for your pet, because if you raise it, you will need to raise him for a lifetime. Raising a pet is actually the same as raising a child. Daily care, training, sickness, and playing with him will spend a lot of time and energy on him. If you have little patience and love yourself, it may not be suitable for raising a pet. At that time, I found that I was not suitable for adoption, and I wanted to discard him, it was too late, so think carefully before adopting.
2. Financial preparation: Before raising a pet, you must first plan your financial situation and calculate the cost of raising a pet. The cost of keeping pets can be quite a lot: pet supplies, pet food, injections and deworming are all fixed expenses. If you travel, foster care also costs money. If you bring it, his transportation and accommodation will also be a lot of expenses. If economic conditions permit, it is best to buy a suitable insurance for your pet baby. For pet insurance, please refer to the following article:
3. Whether pets are allowed in your residence: If you live in an apartment, you must first ask about the community’s rules on keeping pets. Some apartments do not allow cats and dogs. If you live in your own house, it doesn’t matter.
4. Whether there is enough space: Before raising a pet, you also need to consider the space problem, where to place his nest, and whether there is enough space for playing at home.
5. Confirm whether you and your family are allergic to pet hair: Before adopting, you need to communicate with your family and confirm whether you are allergic to cat hair or dog hair.
6. Consider that whether you have enough time to accompany your pet: Keeping a pet is a very time-consuming task. If a pet is sick, it takes time to take care of it. It needs time to go out every day. In addition, it takes a lot of time to train him. Living habits, so before you think about whether your job allows pets.

Where to purchase pets in Canada?

If you have high requirements for the breeds of dogs, cats and cats, then the way of buying may be more suitable for you. Nowadays, most people want to keep purebred cats or dogs. If this is the case, you have to buy them from a cattery or kennel. After all, professional people (Licensed Breeders) do professional things. They will breed some award-winning pets. The offspring bred are first-rate in appearance and personality, but the price is much more expensive. A breed cat generally costs Around 2000 dollars.
If you buy pets through Licensed Breeder, you should also pay attention to distinguish whether it is reliable, so as not to be deceived.
Here is how to find Licensed Breeder:
1. Search via Google
Search in Google. For example, if you want to buy dogs in Toronto, you can use the keyword “Toronto puppies breeders” and many farm websites will appear. Then judge based on relevant information.
2. Go to Kijiji to find the cat/dog you want
Go directly to the Kijiji website to find your favorite cats, cats and dogs. Kijiji is one of the largest second-hand trading websites in Canada. You can find or post second-hand goods on the website. There is also a pet column on the website. Many Licensed Breeders post pet information on the website, so this is a good place to buy cats, dogs, and cats. The website also has a built-in chat system that can be directly on the goods. The page sends a message to the seller. And the dialog box has some set simple question and answer sentences to choose from. If the seller has a phone number or email address, you can also choose the way the seller likes to communicate with him. The final transaction is usually face-to-face, and it is recommended that both parties confirm the correct transaction in cash. Of course, the website also provides PayPal payment methods. Generally, face-to-face transactions are recommended for large amounts.
3. The Canadian Kennel Club
The Canadian Kennel Club is an open database of breeding farms, which contains breeding stations that meet the standards for raising, maintaining and selling pups. It is also a good place to find a great Licensed Breeder. Compared with the previous two methods, this is a more secure method. The classification is particularly detailed, figure out what kind of breed you want, go directly to find the Breeder of that breed, and then contact him!
In addition to the above methods, you can also go to pet shops ( like Pet Smart & Pet Value). In fact, pet shops sometimes have cute dogs, cats and cats waiting for the new owner to take home. In fact, keeping pets depends on the eye. , He was right at first sight!

How to adopt pets in Canada?

Buying or adopting, in fact, it depends on the individual. Some people naturally like purebred dogs or cats, but some friends just need a life partner, so they don’t care about the breed. This kind of adoption is undoubtedly the best way. There are other benefits of adoption, such as:
Adopting pets can help them avoid the fate of euthanasia;
You can adopt a healthy dog, which has fewer problems with inbreeding defects than buying;
Unparalleled sense of accomplishment, because they are reborn because of you;
Reduce the profit opportunities of unscrupulous breeding farms and pet shops;
Inspire the people around to know more about adoption to rescue more stray dogs, or abandoned cats and dogs.

Adoption procedure

Here is mainly a dog as an example. If you want to adopt other small animals, the procedure is actually similar to that of a dog. Take the adoption of a dog as a reference:
1. Provide at least two valid documents that can prove your identity and address (for example: driver’s license, passport, etc.).
2. First, you need to fill out an application form. There will be 20-30 questions on it, mainly to understand your family situation and see if it is qualified for adoption. Some questions include the Activity Level of your family, whether there are children or other pets, whether there is a backyard, how big the yard is, whether there is a fence, and whether you have previous experience with pets, etc.
3. The next step is an interview. Some organizations require all members of your family to meet in the office (including bringing existing pets), and some organizations will arrange for someone to do a family interview to go to your home for on-site surveys. Combining all the information they will determine whether you are suitable for the pet you want to adopt. During an adoption interview, you will usually be asked many detailed questions, like whether you have pets and what kind of pets you have; the age of family members; incomes; the hours of people in the house every day; what brand of cleaners are used on the floor; The apartment is still a separate house, whether there is a yard, whether the yard has a fence, and how high the fence is; the grass is used without herbicide; will the pet be sterilized after adoption to buy health insurance, etc.
4. After your application is approved, most adoptions require a Trial Period. It may allow you to contact the pet you want to adopt every day, or it may allow you to take your pet home for a few days to try.
5. If everything goes through smoothly, you can bring your new family members home.

Adoption costs

Many people may think that adoption does not require any payment, no. Generally, the cost of dog adoption is around CA$200-400. If it is transported from other places, the cost may be higher. Cats don’t know much about it, but it should be around CA$100-200. In 90% of cases, the adopted dogs have been neutered, chip implanted, vaccinated, and properly trained, so if you look at it this way, the adoption fee is not much, and this is actually helping the organization to save more children. animal.

Where to adopt

What everyone is familiar with is the Humane Society (Society for the Protection of Animals) in each district, and then Animal Shelter, Dog Rescue (you can search on the Internet, or you can find the species you like, and there are some organizations that specialize in Rescue). Here are some recommended websites for everyone:
Search Engine:
On several search engines, you can find a lot of pets in the Location. Of course, the prerequisite is that these institutions provide dog information on the Internet. These search engines are:
1. Pet Finder (Fill in Province in Location and search for it)
2. Pet Harbor
3. Pet’s Mart
4. Adopt A Pet
Humane Society
There is a Humane Society in every state, like Toronto. Here are some for everyone. Click to enter the details page.
1. Toronto Humane Society
2. Etobicoke Humane Society
3. Guelph Humane Society
4. Kingston Humane Society
5. Burlington Humane Society
6. London Humane Society
7. Niagara Falls Humane Society
8. Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society
9. Durham Humane Society
Other organisations
In addition to the above websites, you can find and find the corresponding places to adopt pets. In addition, there are the following websites in Canada to find pet adoption information.
1. Ontario SPCA
2. Adopt A Dog Save A Life
3. The Dog Rescuers
4. Black Dog Rescue
5. TEAM Dog Rescue
6. All Breed Canine Rescue
7. Animal Rescue Foundation

The process of adopting animals

The usual procedure for adopting animals is as follows:
1. First go to various websites to find out the situation
2. Self-assess whether it is suitable for adopting animals
3. Find your favorite pet
4. Make an appointment
In fact, many people think that you have to start with a puppy to an intimate relationship, or that the grown-up dog has bad problems and is not obedient. In fact, this is not the case. As long as you have patience, you can slowly build trust with the dog and let them respect you. Of course, you must respect it. Many dogs are very smart, and bad habits can be corrected. So as long as you have patience and find the right solution, these can be solved.

Precautions after purchasing/adopting pets

1. Cats and dogs will have their own unique license and electronic chip. The advantage of this tracking chip is that if the pet is lost, the government department will know the pet’s information and find the owner through the chip. Of course, the owner will be fined because he does not care his pet. You need to pay for the license. If the annual income is less than 50,000 Canadian dollars, adult pet license holders can enjoy subsidies or get free use.
2. Canada’s management of pet keeping is very strict. If the owner is not responsible or even abuses the pet, it will be a disaster for small animals.
3. Every apartment or villa area in Canada has a clear stipulation that there are strict restrictions on whether dogs can be raised, what breeds and what size dogs can be raised. The apartment building where the author lives has regulations: Residents are not allowed to raise a dog that is more than 67 cm in length (plus tail) and 30 cm in height, and only one dog is allowed.
4. Finally, I remind everyone again, before raising cats and dogs, you have to ask yourself if you can:
Is there a way to spend time and energy with the dog when I am under such a stressful study/work?
Will I travel often? What do dogs do when I am traveling?
Can I keep a dog where I live? Is my roommate ok?
If I want to move, is there a way I will resolutely not abandon the dog even if it is difficult to find a house?
Can I accept the smell of dogs in the house and others will complain the smell from my body?
Can I be responsible for a dog in the next 15 years?
Can I keep walking the dog?
What should I do if my dog loves to bark or behaved?
What should I do if my dog is sick and costs 10,000 dollars (exaggerated)?
In fact, there may be many more, but a lot of questions really need to be thought out. I have seen too many people buy it and play with it, and then changed hands after finding it troublesome. If you find allergies, the landlord does not allow them, your family members disagree, and other issues, if you feel that you are adopting, please be responsible for the pets.

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