Horse and Pony Breeds for Kids

Youngsters commonly dream of having a horse or pony. If you have the ability to make this dream a fact, consider the breeds that commonly do finest with kids. Generally, a tiny horse or horse functions well due to the fact that its dimension isn’t as intimidating as its bigger equivalents. And also if your child drops, smaller sized horses are more detailed to the ground. Right here are 10 steed and pony breeds suitable for children.


Although some breeds have more foreseeable temperaments, it ultimately comes down to the individual horse. Pick one that’s accommodating, mindful, sure-footed, as well as accustomed to riders of differing levels.


1、Shetland Pony

Shetland ponies are prominent for children because of their diminutive size, longevity, as well as enjoyable personalities. Nevertheless, despite their pint-size stature, this type is very solid. Plus, some Shetlands are notoriously stubborn and also might disregard commands from young riders. So a Shetland will certainly still need supervision and training from an adult.


Breed Overview:

HEIGHT: 7 hands (28 inches) to 11.5 hands (46 inches)

WEIGHT: 400 to 450 extra pounds

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Compact body; broad head; brief legs; lavish mane and also tail


2、Welsh Pony and Cob

Welsh ponies of all dimensions can make good places for children. One might go from childhood years to their adult years riding a little Welsh horse to a slightly bigger Welsh cob. They are typically hardy, sports, wise, and versatile pets. Furthermore, you can train them to ride with Western or English saddles.


Breed Overview:

HEIGHT: 11 hands (44 inches) to 16 hands (64 inches)

WEIGHT: 400 to 1,200 pounds

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Tiny head; short back; high-set tail



3、Pony of the Americas

The horse of the Americas has the difference of being a North American breed created particularly for young riders. It arose from a cross between an Arabian-Appaloosa mare and a Shetland stallion, which produced a little colt with a fancy coat pattern. It has the toughness and athleticism of all three types.


Breed Overview:

HEIGHT: 11 hands (44 inches) to 14 hands (56 inches)

WEIGHT: 450 to 950 extra pounds

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Wide temple; muscular construct; Appaloosa-like coat pattern


4、Miniature Horse

Miniature Horses are fun to handle. As a result of their small size, they aren’t suitable for riding by any individual over 70 extra pounds. Yet a mini can be fantastic for children to learn exactly how to ride and care for an equine. Minis likewise participate in competitors similar to pet dog dexterity training courses.


Breed Overview:

HEIGHT: Typically under 8.5 hands (34 inches) to 9.5 hands (38 inches)

WEIGHT: 150 to 350 extra pounds

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Tiny, muscle build; lots of have similar percentages to bigger horses


5、American Quarter Horse

Although it’s not a pony, the American quarter equine is an incredibly prominent family steed for its adaptability as well as relaxed personality. They aren’t massive horses, balancing around 5 feet in height, which can work for an older kid. And also they are usually mild and also extremely receptive, also for starting riders.


Breed Overview:

HEIGHT: 14 hands (56 inches) to 16 hands (64 inches)

WEIGHT: 950 to 1,200 pounds

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Muscular body; deep chest; tiny head with level account



Appaloosas are one more full-size type that can make a fantastic steed for youngsters. They’re frequently picked for children’s mounts because of their mild, reasonable temperament. They also are notoriously friendly and also dedicated steeds, which makes for a devoted family member’s friend. Plus, they’re relatively very easy to maintain, also for starting riders.


Breed Overview:

HEIGHT: 14 hands (56 inches) to 15 hands (60 inches)

WEIGHT: 950 to 1,200 pounds

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Vibrant layer patterns with multicolor skin; striped unguis


7、Paint Horse

Paint horses are a full-size breed that has a solid mix of American quarter horses in their pedigree. Like the quarter steed, they typically have a calm, mild temperament. They’re likewise very social, intelligent equines, which makes them simple to train. Overall, they tend to offer a trustworthy, healthy trip.


Breed Overview:

HEIGHT: 14 hands (56 inches) to 15 hands (60 inches)

WEIGHT: 950 to 1,200 extra pounds

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Muscular construct; deep chest; distinct coat patterns



Morgan horses are superb family member’s horses, especially for beginning motorcyclists. They are understood for being very participating and also excited to please, and also they usually love to fraternize their human member of the family. They additionally have a relatively tiny stature contrasted to other steed breeds, which is manageable for many children.


Breed Overview:

HEIGHT: 14 hands (56 inches) to 15 hands (60 inches)

WEIGHT: 950 pounds

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Compact construct; short head; thick mane and tail


9、New Forest Pony

Coming from the U.K., the New forset pony has combined with numerous types over the centuries. This has actually led to a sturdy, pleasant, as well as accommodating animal. These ponies tend to be trainable as well as anxious to please. Their bodies are slim sufficient even for a child to ride (with supervision).


Breed Overview:

HEIGHT: 12 hands (48 inches) to 14 hands (56 inches)

WEIGHT: 700 pounds

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Compact build; short neck and also back; long head


10、Grade Ponies

The term “quality” in horse circles suggests the like “dog” in the canine globe. A grade equine is a horse or pony without a known pedigree. And because pedigree does not assure a quality animal, a trustworthy grade pony with an enjoyable individuality is constantly a terrific choice for children.


Breeds to Avoid

Particular high-energy equine types– consisting of Arabians, saddlebreds, and thoroughbreds– are frequently not appropriate for children. They have actually been bred to be active, sharp, as well as sensitive to every little step of the cyclist. Of course, there are exemptions. Nevertheless, it’s finest to pick a steed that’s known to have a gentler personality.


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