Everything You Need To Know Before Raising A Puppet Cat

Ragdoll, the puppet cat, is one of the largest and heaviest cats in existence. It has a docile, friendly personality and a dog-like personality. It is also called a “puppy cat”.


Self-assessment before raising a cat

First of all, I want to say that keeping cats cannot be a whim. Before raising a cat, you must know that cats are not only cute. They need to take care of eating, shoveling feces, grooming, seeing a doctor, etc. Cats and cats will do annoying things from time to time. So you must think about whether you can accept it, whether your accommodation environment is acceptable, and whether your relatives’ male tickets can be accepted. After all, the life span of cats can reach as long as 20 years, and we must not abandon it or give up.

At the same time, you must check and understand the apartment, dormitory, landlord pets’ policy, whether it is possible to raise animals, animal vaccine quarantine certificate, pet activity time zone and other information.

In addition, many friends may not know if they are allergic to cat hair. I have a friend who waited until I picked up a cat and realized that I was very allergic to cats… So I gave the cat to someone else, which is also a torture for myself and the cat… I suggest you find friends who have cats to visit and take a look. Will I be allergic?


Cat breeds

Cats of different breeds are not only different in color and fur, but also in body shapes, preferences, and personalities. It is recommended to Google the “animalplanet cat101” series of videos. I have watched it more than ten times. There are introductions of various cats, which will summarize the cat’s body shape, the degree of hair loss, the friendliness of getting along with other animals, and the friendliness of children. Wait, it is worthy of reference when choosing a cat initially.

Check the official website of CFA or TICA to see if there is a cat show in your area recently. On the cat show, you can get close to different kinds of cats, and there are also many breeders, you can chat with them.


How to choose a cattery?

1) Find on Cat show
Check the TICA competition schedule directly, go to the cat show to directly watch the cats and hook up your favorite breeders. I think this is a very intuitive way, so that you can watch cats without disturbing anyone. Even if you can’t hook up a breeder, you can better understand puppet cats. So if you have time, I recommend going to the cat show.

But not all places will have cat show, and many breeders on cat show may come from more distant states, so they may not want to sell to you who are far away. Even if they are willing to transport the cat to you by air, I personally do not recommend air transport, it is too dangerous. Think of the trembling meow in the box, my heart hurts…

2) The omnipotent Google
Google breeder in your location or nearby state, residence + ragdoll breeder (Catteries in the United States are all family breeds). Remember the registration information of the appropriate breeder in CFA or TICA! ! ! CFA and TICA are two more authoritative purebred cat registration agencies, and I suggest that you must find the breeder registered here.

Another advantage of choosing a cattery nearby is that the cat can better adapt to the local climate and environment. The three animals in my family come from three regions, and I can clearly feel:
1. The cats in the same city have the best physical condition and ability to adapt to all aspects including weather and environment. For example, in the first summer, two out of three cats caught a cold due to the air conditioner, and only one was completely fine. The okay one was picked up by the cattery in the same city. There are many cases like this;
2. To pick up the cat, you can drive to pick it up directly, without using a plane. Most good catteries refuse to transport non-bred kittens, firstly, the danger;and secondly, mostly the catteries do not have relevant qualification certificates. Of course, if there is no good cattery nearby, you can also choose a long distance, but this situation is limited to the cattery, which is too good and in line with your preferences. It is best to be able to pick it up in person and take the kitten to sit in the cabin. Most American airlines support pets in the cabin;
3. In the cattery nearby, you can go to the cattery to see the cats and learn about the environment. When you go to the cattery in person, you can see many details, such as hygiene and the environment in which the cat lives. I think this is also very important, especially when choosing a cattery;
4. Breeders are generally more inclined to parents who are close, and parents who are far away may be ignored.

3) TICA/CFA official website
It should be noted that the breeder selected must be a member of TICA/CFA and provide a registration certificate for kittens. Both TICA and CFA are cat associations of non-governmental organizations. Of course, there are other associations such as RFCI, but the first two are more well-known. Most good catteries are registered with one of the two, and there are no exceptions. But note that TICA does not mean that it is absolutely reliable, but the cattery that has not registered with TICA is absolutely unreliable.

I need to remind everyone here that the only association that can certify qualifications is actually a non-governmental association, and you can join after paying the membership fee. The cattery that lied to me back then was also a member of TICA. However, after the accident, the association will only remove it and will not take any legal measures, let alone get the cat’s money back for you. Therefore, choosing a reliable cattery is really very important. Not to mention having a healthy cat, it saves a lot of heart. God knows how tired I was when I went through the cattery mutation…

4) How to contact breeder
Contact breeder by email: This is a relatively common way to contact the cattery, but be prepared that the first or even N emails may fall into the sea. The first email to breeder, please be mentally prepared to write a thesis. If I just send a few words saying that I want to raise a cat, it is basically impossible to receive a reply.

Contact the breeder by phone: For the breeder of the cattery, I don’t recommend contacting the breeder directly by phone. If it is not for the breeder to write a welcome phone number on the website, please do not call the breeder casually. Because the call is usually voice mail, and it is also relatively rude. Most cattery breeders don’t like parents to take the initiative to call, because they are too busy to answer your call. Generally, they only contact you by email in the early stage.

5) Other matters needing attention
After choosing a cattery, in addition to asking the other party to provide the cat’s registration certificate, you also need to provide cat vaccines and health information (hospital records). This is also very important. If the cat that is being brought home is unhealthy, the follow-up is really a very big whirlpool, please pay attention!

And it must be sterilized. Some states may not be able to sterilize because of local laws breeder, but you must be sterilized. Sterilization will be explicitly required in the signed contract or in the follow-up requirements. So give your cats that have not been neutered and breeders who don’t require you to be neutered, don’t consider it!


The price and purchase of puppet cats

The origin of puppets is California, and there are more breeders, so they are relatively low. The California puppet cat costs 700-1,500 dollars, and the central and eastern regions basically cost 1,000-1,500 dollars. The price of some cattery will fluctuate. There will be both high and low. There are also catteries priced according to the cat’s condition. However, non-breeding cats with more than 1,500 dollars are rare cases and need to be carefully considered. Similarly, those under $800 are also very rare, and you need to do your homework carefully.

The purchase of puppet cats is divided into scheduled and non-scheduled. Booking a cattery is usually a way of ordering cats in a large cattery (not absolute), because there are a lot of people in line, and the number of people needs to be calculated in advance to arrange a breeding plan. Generally, you need to contact the breeder six months to one year in advance to explain the specific requirements such as the color and gender you want, and ask for a deposit (usually 50-300 dollars). After the cat of the specified color is born, if you are satisfied, you will pay the balance and take it home. Non-reserved cattery is usually the way of ordering cats in the cattery (not absolute). It is usually selected from the kittens that have been born, and directly show the photos to the cat’s parents, and pick them up as they like.


Learn to get along with cats

Kittens usually go to their new homes in about 3 months, and there are problems with them too early or too late. If it is too early, the kittens may have many good habits that have not yet been developed. The phenomenon of too late usually appears in the kitten house. The reason is simple: the supply exceeds the demand.

After picking up the cat and going home, you will start learning to get along with the cat! I found that many cat-loving friends around me are actually not good at getting along with cats. Some friends will ask why I like cats so much, but they are so aggressive with me? Give a chestnut:

Cats are definitely cute, and people can’t help but want to stare at them all the time. However, cats don’t like to be stared at this way. Being stared at all times will make the cat very stressful and feel that you are challenging him. If you reach out and touch it at this moment, you will probably be warned that the cat will bite you. After you get acquainted with the cat, stare at it and you will find that the cat will look away or wink at you, which means that you don’t want to conflict with you, and it is friendly to you! The best is not to stare at it when you first come into contact with a cat, blink slowly when you look at it. It is said that in the language of a cat, it means “I love you”!


Health issues

In fact, it’s a good choice to adopt a cat in a shelter, but no matter which method you take it back, you must remember to go to the veterinarian regularly. The breeder will give you the cat’s vaccine medical examination records. Some unfinished vaccines must be given at intervals. Physical examination, vaccination, and sterilization all can’t be missed!

Keep in mind that pets raised as pets must be neutered. Sterilization is not a cruel thing. On the contrary, non-sterilized pet-class pets are prone to some diseases, such as uterine tumors… and non-sterilized male cats will urinate anywhere in order to mark their territories as adults. …

Of course, the veterinarian’s choice is better, and many veterinarians have free first exam activities. The quality of the veterinarian can refer to the comments on Google and Yelp. Also, pay attention to whether there is a 24-hour emergency hospital for pets near your location, so as to avoid accidents in the family and need to be rescued. Speaking of accidents, be sure to pay attention to some plants and foods that are highly toxic to cats, such as lilies, chocolates, etc. Do not let cats come into contact with them!

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