Common Mistakes First-Time Horse Riders Make

Learning to ride an equine can be extremely interesting, but there are numerous points you do not intend to do the first time you are in the saddle.


1、Wearing Baggy Clothing

There’s a reason that equestrian clothing, both English and western is form-fitting and trim. Moving scarves, droopy trousers, bulky sweaters with loose waists, and also other sloppy or loosened clothing can obtain caught on the saddle if you need to diminish. Obtaining captured half-way down means you could get dragged, and that is much more harmful than falling free from the horse.

Make certain to determine what ideal riding clothing is right for you.


2、Attaching Yourself to the Saddle or Horse

Of course, you want to stay on the equine and not fall off. Nevertheless, it’s a huge error to link on your own to the horse, or the saddle or reins in any way. If you do fall off, you want to fall complimentary. This reduces your opportunity of obtaining dragged, which could cause far worse injuries than just hitting the ground.


3、Letting Go of the Reins

The reins help you manage the horse. If you obtain scared, your response could be to toss the reins and also hold on for dear life. This might confuse and frighten your horse, specifically if you lean down and grab it around the neck.

Even if you are frightened, keep those reins, and also listen to what your guide or coach is informing you. When it seems like things are failing, don’t stress, take a deep breath and also do as you’re informed.


4、Wearing the Wrong Footwear

Flip-flops, sandals, heels, fitness instructors, cumbersome hiking boots, and also other improper footwear can result in disaster if they glide via or get wedged in a brace.

The very first time you ride, try to find shoes that are as close to a riding or cowboy boot as feasible. This way, you are much less likely to obtain caught in a stirrup if you diminish. You do not wish to hit the ground with your foot wedged in a stirrup.


5、Thinking You’re Just Going to Rest There

Lots of people believe that riding is just an issue of having the horse simply carry them around and all they need to do is just rest there. However, riding is far more than just sitting in the saddle and allowing the horse to do all the job. Riding is an activity that requires practice, ability, coordination, and equilibrium.


6、Not Listening Carefully

If you’re taking a lesson or going out on a led scenic tour, it’s truly important to pay attention to what you are being informed.


7、Not Trusting Your Coach

If your train informs you to ride the bay horse, but you assume you would love to ride the pinto, keep in mind that the coach possibly has a factor for selecting that steed for you.

The other equine may resemble it’s providing its rider a truly excellent ride, yet that may be because that rider currently recognizes exactly how to get the best out of the horse since they’re a little bit more advanced. Trains are proficient at matching riders with steeds. So while it’s fair to ask, “possibly someday, can I ride that?” in the meantime, trust fund the trainer’s option.


8、Trying to Hold the Saddle to Stay On

Saddles, as well as braces, make remaining on an equine a lot more comfortable, as well as help in assisting the rider to maintain their balance, but they should not be utilized to aid you to hold on. It can become a bad habit, and if you actually do begin to fall, keeping the saddle might change it away. Holding on limited as it transforms could lead to you simply obtaining dragged, instead of dropping free from the equine.

Excellent riders recognize just how to shift a saddleback into place if they feel it transforming, yet you will not recognize how to do that on your first flight. Rather, if you are feeling unstable, order the horse’s hair if you must, or the band that your trainer can place around the equine’s neck for that purpose.


9、Skipping the Helmet

Even if the steed never ever relocates or travels faster than a walk, always put on a safety helmet.



After your initial trip, you’re mos likely to recognize that riding is a lot more than simply sitting there. You’re most likely to have some aching muscle mass, and also you may really feel overwhelmed concerning some things. That’s because you’ve used your body in such a way it is not accustomed to.

When it concerns steeds and also riding, finding out is a life-long journey. Do not be prevented if you weren’t able to ride off into the sundown the very first time out. Like any kind of ability, regular practice will certainly enhance your understanding as well as capability.


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