Common Causes and Countermeasures of Cats Urinating Disorderly

Urinary Tract System Diseases

When the cat is not peeing in the litter box, but peeing elsewhere, this may be a “litter box aversion” condition. Usually the condition of lower urinary tract stones, the cat will be very painful when going to the toilet and even urinate. When a cat urinates in the original litter box, but suddenly feels pain, he will feel that the “pain” is caused by the litter box, which causes the cat to not want to pee in the litter box later. But actually, it is the stone that is already serious enough to hurt her. urination can be painful. After all, the cat is an associative animal. In this situation, he has made a bad connection between the pain and the litter box. Therefore, if the cat goes to the toilet suddenly, please be sure to take it to the vet for an examination.

Stress in the family with many cats

That’s how it is to raise a cat. If you raise one, you will want to raise a second one. But everyone should know that whether cats live in the wild or at home, they are classified into different statuses. Multi-cat families will inevitably have conflicts, and when conflicts occur, cats will definitely have stress. If all cats are not effectively relieved from stress, Cats are likely to be prescribed high-pressure environments for a long time and dare not go to the litter box to go to the toilet, because cats may also be attacked when they go to the toilet, which will leave a huge shadow on the cat.

Whether the litter box is clean

The number of litter boxes is N+1. Everyone should know this statement, but in fact, the most important thing is whether the litter box is cleaned every day, and the number is second. Because cats are animals with a very keen sense of smell, and cats love to clean very much if the litter box has If you have a peculiar smell or too much feces and urine, the cat may not want to go to the toilet in the litter box. It is recommended to clean the litter box at least twice a day. It will also be better for the cat!

Cat litter and its types

It’s no longer a matter of a day or two for cats to pick cat litter. If your cat is so good that it can accept any litter, it means that you have an angel cat. Please love her. There are many types of cat litter on the market, and the popular ones are mineral sand, tofu sand, and pine sand.
Mineral sand is the best choice for most cats, and it is usually the favorite choice. Because of the relationship between particles and touch, cats naturally like it~ so many manufacturers now imitate the touch of mineral sand to produce tofu sand and pine sand. Type of cat litter that can fill the toilet (environmental protection)! However, the cat’s liking is the most important selection indicator. If the cat does not love it, it may hold back the urine.

Litter box models

Some people would recommend a closed litter box, saying that it can make the cat more concealed and safe, but it is not. From the perspective of cat behavior, cats are originally hunters, but they are also “prey”. When they go to the toilet, they hope that the place where they can go to the toilet is a place where they can escape at any time, and the closed litter box cannot reach this point. This is also one of the reasons why cats are reluctant to go to the toilet. The space of the litter box must be large enough. As for the length of the litter box, the length of the litter box must exceed 1.3 to 1.5 times the length of the cat’s body, and the width must be large enough for the cat to turn around inside.


Sterilizing the cat before urinating can basically reduce the occurrence of behavior problems, and the chance of urinating will be much reduced! Generally speaking, cats may be in heat in about 4 months. I personally recommend that they be taken to the veterinarian for evaluation in about 5-6 months because early sterilization basically brings only benefits to the cat. When a male cat is in heat, it will use pee to mark the site and smell for a long time. Female cats may also urinate indiscriminately, accompanied by “screaming in heat.”

What to do if a cat urinate in disorder? Solutions and countermeasures

Three “Don‘t” principle
1. Don’t fight
If you hit the cat, the cat may feel that it is being paid attention to, and it may also cause the cat’s psychological pressure. Not only does it fail to maintain a good relationship between humans and cats, it is more likely to make the cat urinate more severely, because he does not understand why you want it. Hit him.
2. Don’t scold
Scolding a cat to urinate indiscriminately is also stressful for the cat, and stress is also one of the direct reasons for the cat to urinate indiscriminately, so don’t waste saliva, just clean the urine silently.
3. Don’t look at it
The act of “watching him” will also attract the cat’s attention. It may make the cat think that he will look at me when he peed here, and the situation of messy peeing should not decrease in the future.

Check with a trusted veterinarian

If your cat usually urinates in the litter box. Suddenly, he urinates in other places, such as sleeping mats, sofas, etc. It is recommended to take it to the veterinarian for evaluation as soon as possible to avoid more serious diseases. As I mentioned earlier, this may be a sign of cat discomfort.
If a cat has not been neutered, it is recommended to evaluate it to the veterinarian and make an appointment for the neutering! After some cats have been neutered, certain behavioral problems are suddenly resolved.

Enrich the environment

The purpose of making the environment richer is to reduce the stress of cats and let them live in a carefree space, which will definitely help to reduce the chance of cats peeing.
Several countermeasures are recommended:
Number and placement of litter boxes
As mentioned above, in addition to the important selection of the style of the litter box, the placement of the litter box is also very important. Do not let the litter box be placed next door, because some cats will want to have their own toilet space (do not want to be disturbed), and the litter box may be placed too close, and the smell of urine may be concentrated in the same place. N+1 is also an important reference, and it is even better if the number of sand basins is N+2.
Horizontal space setting
The number of cat litters and cat houses must be sufficient, so that each cat has a place to hide and can effectively reduce stress.
Vertical space setting
When the horizontal space is not enough (most domestic cat families are not enough), it is very important to add cat jumping platforms and springboards.
Cat toy
Try to enrich the sense of sight, smell, and hearing. Hide food and toys, cat grass, funny cat sticks, etc., can increase the interaction with the cat and relax the cat. Some toys have sounds that cats like, such as bird calls, soft cat music, etc., which can soothe the cat’s emotions.
Find a cat behavior counselor
Finally, if you can’t solve problems according to the above methods, it is recommended to find a professional directly. Although the cost of cat behavior consultation is not cheap, the professional can always see the points that the owner can’t notice, and it may benefit you forever.

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