Common Causes and Countermeasures for Cats Disorder Urinating

Cats not peeing in the litter box is indeed a headache. In this situation, if you don’t know how to solve it, it is really love and hate.
Cats are semi-domesticated animals, so many of their behavior problems are occasionally complicated. Even so, I will try to give some effective solutions below.

Urinary system problems
After the messy urine problem occurs, the first thing to suspect is that the cat may be sick! Urinary system problems are the most probable cause. If there are blood stains, then it is inevitable. Urinary system problems are common in male cats over 5 years old. But again, the problem can also happen to male and female cats of any age.
The following signs indicate that cats may have urinary system problems:
Has been performing well, the living environment has not changed much, suddenly urinating,
Cats with these diseases prefer to pee on a smooth, cool surface. Such as bathtubs, washbasins, kitchen counters, etc.
If the cat can’t urinate hard, screams, or even has a high fever, you need to see a doctor immediately. This is an emergency.
Most urinary system problems are emergencies, especially if your cat can’t urinate. It is recommended that you seek medical attention after you find it. Cats with urinary system diseases may have frequent illnesses, so changing their diet and increasing water intake may be something that has to be done.

Failed litter box usage training
Adopted stray cats may have this problem. However, some female cats may have bad habits before, and this bad habit may even be passed on to their children. It is very easy to train when a kitten is young, i. Some of them can learn from their mothers, and some of them feel like they are going to pee. Put them directly in the litter box a few times, and they will learn by themselves. Therefore, if the mother cat is not up to the task, the task of training the kitten will fall on you.
For older cats, limiting it to a relatively small area for a few weeks or months will sometimes have an effect. You can gradually increase its active area. At the beginning, you can even limit its living area to a half-square-meter hamster cage, and then cover it with cat litter.

Sexual maturity
Almost all male cats squirt urine after they mature sexually. Urine spraying and messy urine are two different things. Urine spraying is usually sprayed on a vertical surface and has a very strong odor. In this case, there is no good solution if it is not sterilized. If it’s just a pet family, it is recommended that after 6 months of age, you can take your cat for sterilization. Some female cats will urinate in some places after estrus. This is a kind of courtship behavior, which is not common, but breeders should be able to see it.

Territorial issues
For the same reason as the above one, the male cat urinating after sexual maturity is also to mark the territory. But another more common scenario is that a new cat comes to the house. For some reasons, the aborigines may not see it too much. Therefore, the cat and the aborigines are likely to urinate everywhere to mark the territory. Cats may also be involved. The reason for marking is to tell the other party: “You give it to me, get away!”

The degree of smartness between cats and cats is absolutely different. Some are very smart. What do you say, it seems to understand what you mean, and some are really stupid. I once met a cat. Whenever it defecates, it will desperately raise its butt, and then the butt will hang above the edge of the litter box. Fall out of the litter box. In this case, you can’t blame it, because it’s just stupid. If you think it can stare at me all morning, I will forgive it. Later, I changed a large litter box with a high edge, and the problem got better. In short, if you encounter stupid cats, be patient. They are just stupid and not malicious.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder
Some cats won’t step into the litter box again when there is a little poop in it. Some cats need a basin for peeing and a basin for shit. So, if you are lucky enough to meet this kind of cat, shovel shit diligently and prepare more litter boxes.

Major changes
Cats are habitual animals, both in behavior and schedule. So once the living environment is disrupted by external factors, they will change in behavior. In other words, when there is stress, there will be a stress response. Urinary disorder is probably a stress.
This includes factors that are complex and diverse:
Party at home;
Set off firecrackers during the holidays;
Neighbor decoration;
Here comes a dog;
Moving home.
In such situations, it is best to let the cat calm down in a relatively independent space. In addition, pheromones and some other types of tranquilizers may be helpful for the cat.

Aging is an inevitable problem. Teenage cats are more likely to have behavior problems. It may be that there is a problem with their nervous system, or it may be a problem with their joints. Some can be cured or relieved, and some cannot. The specifics depend on the situation. In short, go to the hospital for an individual examination.

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