Cat-Raising Guide: Cat Food, Cat Litter and Cat Water Fountain

On the year of having a cat, since I was born, the family has a cat. As a child, other children hug stuffed animals to sleep, I hug the cat to sleep. Today, I’m here to organize a guide to cat ownership, especially the purchase and recommendation of cat supplies.


Cat Food

Cat food is like infant formula, so there is no absolute good or bad. What is suitable for your cat is good cat food. For example, our cat’s favorite food is dog food. Well, all dog food it likes.
There are too many cat food brands on the market, low, medium and high end, but I found that not the more expensive the more she likes.

Wet cat food or dry cat food, which is better?

Cat food is mainly divided into wet cat food and dry cat food. Dry cat food is pellet-type puffed food, usually in bags, with the main ingredients being meat, vegetables and carbohydrates, as well as some nutritional additives. Wet cat food refers to wet products such as canned food, Wonder Pack and cat strips. The main ingredients are meat, water, liquid ingredients (such as animal and vegetable oils) and nutritional additives.
Dry cat food is easy to store and easy to feed, especially using automatic feeders, many of which only support dry cat food. Dry cat food is not easy to chew, but it helps reduce the formation of plaque bacteria and tartar in cats and grinds the teeth while eating. And dry cat food is also cheaper.
Wet cat food is easy to chew and digest, tasting good. Wet cat food needs to be kept refrigerated after opening, and if the cat does not finish it in time, the wet cat food exposed in the bowl is also easy to breed bacteria. Eating wet cat food for a long time is also not friendly to the cat’s teeth, and it is easy to form dental plaque bacteria and have bad breath. Also, if you eat wet cat food for a long time, don’t try to get it back to dry cat food, picky eaters can break their food for a few days without eating or drinking.

U.S. cat food recommendations

There are so many brands of cat food in the United States, I usually buy several brands in exchange. One is to give her a change of taste; the second is to ensure balanced nutrition.
Here I will recommend a few brands of cat food that cats like to eat.

Sheba Wet Cat Food
Recommended index: ☆☆☆☆☆
Sheba is our cat’s favorite wet cat food brand. I buy it from Amazon and stock up all year round.
Sheba also has canned food, meat strips.

Whiskas wet cat food
Recommendation index: ☆☆
I have also bought the wet cat food from Whiskas. Compared with Sheba, it is still quite different. The smell is not as good as Sheba, and it smells fishy.
Let’s describe it like this. It’s the same as a bag. If it’s Whiskas, the cat will eat naturally and leave when it’s full; if it’s Sheba, if it’s full, it will carry the rest and never leave a piece of meat.
Whiskas also has dry cat food. It is not recommended. The granules are too hard and the meat has very few ingredients. Obviously it is not interested.

Purina Pro Plan Canned Cat
Recommendation index: ☆☆☆☆
Purina Pro Plan is a relatively high-end pet food brand in the United States, and the price is more expensive. Cats with sensitive stomachs and weak body resistance can eat this brand. Their nutritional formula is still very particular, and it is a brand under Nestlé.

Orijen dry cat food
Recommendation index: ☆☆☆☆☆
Orijen is a very common brand in the United States, and cats often eat it. It belongs to the mid-to-high-end category. Orijen’s raw materials are advertised as fresh materials, with an ideal ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Probiotics are added to help digestion and promote the balance of cat’s intestinal flora.
There are many flavors. I usually buy a mixture of several flavors, and I can’t tell which flavor it likes.

Purina ONE dry cat food
Recommendation index: ☆☆☆☆
Purina ONE and the Purina Pro Plan recommended above are from the same company, but belong to different product lines.
Purina ONE’s dry cat food is also very good. My cat likes it very much. There are several series under them, such as those for healthy hair, for the urinary system, and for sensitive stomachs, but I didn’t find any difference. It may be that the cat is too healthy and eats numbness. You can choose according to your cat’s health status.

Halo dry cat food
Recommendation index: ☆☆☆☆
The cat likes it very much. They swallow one by one without chewing. Cat food has just the right particle size, moderate hardness, and smells good.
Halo is considered a relatively high-end pet food brand in the United States. Their raw materials are all non-GMO, and they are also advertised as natural health foods. In addition to dry cat food, there are also canned foods.

FERA Probiotics
It’s necessary to store this probiotic shovel. Before cats have diarrhea, just eat this probiotic twice, and the effect is quite obvious. Cats with poor stomach can keep them at home.


Cat Feeder

WOPET SmartFeeder
This smart feeder is mainly suitable for dry cat food. Separate design. Feeding bowl and storage bucket can be easily disassembled and cleaned. Lid latch to prevent cats from stealing food. Hidden switch to prevent cats from crashing into the shutdown. Customize feeding portions and times. Mobile app remote control, supporting voice and camera video functions.

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder
This is an ordinary pet feeder, non-intelligent, affodable, without voice and camera functions, and can not be controlled remotely by cell phone. Set the feeding times and portions, and pets will be fed at regular intervals every day. If you don’t need many functions, you can buy this one.

PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Feeder
This is a five-meal rotating feeder, a total of five compartments, can be filled with different flavors of cat food. Set the time. It will automatically turn out a compartment when the point is reached. It’s battery-powered.
The advantage is that dry and wet cat food are applicable, independent with nutritious meals; the disadvantage is that only five meals can be set at a time, not suitable for owners who travel frequently.


Cat Water Fountain

Veken Pet Fountain
This 2.5L large-capacity cat automatic drinking fountain is equipped with 3 filters, which can filter out impurities in the water, allowing cats to drink clear water. The water source sprinkler is flowing, there is a small splash in the middle, and the cat can play while drinking water. It is very cute. 24-hour filtering, energy saving and power saving, silent mode (the sound of water flow can be heard occasionally). Put it next to the automatic feeding machine, do not put it next to the cat litter. The filter should be replaced regularly.

isYoung Cat Fountain
This cat drinking fountain is also very cute, with a capacity of 1.4L, which is small and light. It comes with a filter, a free-falling stream, and the water flow can be adjusted. The flowing water can attract cats to drink more water. With LED lights, cats can easily find the water flow at night.


Cat Litter

PetSafe self-cleaning cat litter box
The classic American black technology litter box is very suitable for people who are often away from home and cannot take care of their cat’s poop in time.
Infrared sensor accurately captures the cat’s movements, and automatically senses cleaning all day long. After the cat leaves, the system automatically starts a 5-20 minute countdown (the owner can set the time), the crystal cat litter quickly absorbs urine and dries the stool. After the countdown is over, the cleaning rake runs automatically , Sweep the poop to the waste grid and close it to ensure that there is no odor. Return the cleaning rake to its original position and turn the cat litter to level it.
The specially made crystal cat litter has strong adsorption capacity and no dust. The cat litter box can be used for 2-3 weeks. When changing the cat litter, the crystal tray is directly discarded, and there is no waste in the whole process.

Ordinary litter box
The advantage of this litter box is that it is deep enough and large enough to allow the cat to turn around freely in it, and it is comfortable to pull up the poop; it is deep enough to prevent the cat from bringing out the cat litter particles.

ARM & HAMMER cat litter
ARM & HAMMER is an old brand in North America. The cat litter contains baking soda, so it can absorb moisture and smell, and achieve the purpose of long-lasting odor. There are several kinds of cat litter under this brand, but I found that after using it, there is nothing The difference is that it can be formed into hard lumps, has excellent odor absorption ability, and has no dust. It is a universal cat litter with a high cost performance.

I have also bought Fresh Step cat litter. It is not recommended. The particles are very small. Cats will bring out a lot of particles every time they finish their poop. It is very troublesome to clean up. Moreover, I think Fresh Step’s cat litter has a slightly poor deodorizing effect.

Feline Pine Cat Litter
Feline Pine is a well-known pine cat litter brand in the United States and the first company in the world to invent pine cat litter. Pine cat litter uses the unique Ponderosa pine in the southern United States as raw materials, which can quickly lock the ammonia molecules in cat poop, the odor will not diffuse into the air, and the deodorizing effect is excellent; no chemicals are added, natural and healthy; no dust .The cat will not take particulate matter out of the litter box.

Rufus & Coco WeeKitty Corn Cat Litter
This cat litter is made of corn shreds. It is naturally degradable and has super adsorption capacity. It quickly forms agglomerates when exposed to water. There is no dust and will not be sucked into the cat’s nose. The most convenient thing is to throw it directly into the toilet and flush it away. If you have a garden at home, you can also pour the cat litter that you change each time into the flowers. It is a very good organic fertilizer.

K KAMY’S ZOO Tofu Residue Cat Litter
Tofu cat litter and corn crushed cat litter are based on the same principle. They are both natural biodegradable cat litter and can be thrown directly into the toilet. The replaced cat litter can also be used as fertilizer. This type of cat litter has a common problem, that is, it is extremely fragile. With the use of cat litter, the grains are getting smaller and smaller, and the whole pot is small and broken. At this time, the cat litter should be replaced in time, otherwise the small pieces cannot be picked up. The taste will be great.

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