Best Buying Guide for Royal Canin Royal Cat Food 2021

Royal Canin Royal Cat Food Introduction

Royal French Pet Food Co., Ltd., founded in France in 1967, is a world-renowned pet food brand and a well-known enterprise in the global pet food industry. The founder, Jean Cathary, is a rural veterinarian. When he set his sights on the new field of pet food and began to produce dry pet food, it was four years earlier than other companies.

Cat Food Selection Guide

1. Choose according to the age of the cat

Many cat foods currently on the market are designed for cats of different ages. Therefore, the shoveling officer can choose according to his cat’s age. Below, we will introduce cat foods with different attributes according to different stages. .
Weaning to 1-year-old cats: preferentially select cat food for kittens with high nutritional value, rich in protein and calcium, and better digestion.
For cats over 1-year-old: It is preferred to choose adult cat food that maintains a healthy state. There are more types of cat food at this stage.
Cats over 7-year-old: Prioritize low-calorie and healthy-aged cat food.
Note: Kittens refer to cats between 1-12 months old, and cats over 12 months old can be collectively referred to as adult cats.

What is the difference between kitten food, adult cat food, and full-price cat food?
Kittens need to eat staple foods that meet their growth needs at different stages before they reach adulthood. The content of synthetic cat food from kitten food is higher than that of adult cat food in terms of protein content or other nutrients. This is because the kitten’s requirements for protein, fat, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus during growth and development greatly exceed those of adult cats. The protein content of kitten food should not be less than 30%, and adult cat food should not be less than 21%. Retinol (vitamin A) has a positive effect on the vision, growth, cell differentiation, morphological development and immune response of kittens, and the demand is higher than that of adult cats. In addition, the granularity of kitten food is higher than that of adult cat food or whole cat. The food should be small and more suitable for kittens.
Summary: Kitten milk cakes are for kittens of younger months. Kitten food has a higher nutrient content than adult cat food. When choosing a complete cat food for kittens, focus on the list of nutritional ingredients.

2. Choose according to the cat’s living habits and physical condition

Every cat has its own living habits, so it is very important to choose cat food with different attributes according to the different living habits of cats. So the following is a specific analysis for you in several categories and how to choose.
(1) For cats who exercise less or are fatter
Applicable food: indoor cat food or fat cat food.
Features: Maintain health, low calories, reduce food intake.
(2) For cats after surgery (sterilization)
Applicable food: low-calorie cat food for contraceptive sterilization surgery.
Features: Normal secretion of auxiliary hormones, avoid obesity, low calories.
(3) For cats that are prone to vomiting hairballs
Applicable food: hair-forming formula rich in dietary fiber.
Features: Contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which can coat the hair bulbs in the body and make them excreted with feces.
(4) For cats with urination problems
Applicable food: choose urinary health feed.
Features: It is optional to adjust the magnesium content and supplements as the main special cat food.

3. Choose according to different feeding purposes

Everyone who raises a cat wants his cat to be healthy and healthy. We also need to choose suitable cat food for cats according to their different physical conditions. Below, we will share some practical selection schemes according to different feeding purposes.
Comprehensive nutrition cat food: to maintain the cat’s health, contain a variety of nutrients and fully ensure the cat’s nutritional balance.
Prescription cat food: to adjust the edible elements to maintain the cat’s health, effectively control the cat’s weight, and maintain the perfect body functions.
General cat food: to be served as a main meal side dish, it can fully maintain the cat’s daily nutrient intake and ensure good health.

Royal Canin Royal Cat Food Types

Royal Canin provides a series of cat wet food and dry food products with complete and balanced ingredients. Regardless of the age, size and breed of the cat, you can find the nutrients that are truly suitable for them. The following is classified according to the cat’s age:
Kitten cat food (0-1 years old): Nutritional formula helps kittens build natural immunity, supports their healthy growth and contributes to the development of the digestive system.
Adult cat food (1 to 7 years old): a nutritional formula tailored specifically for the additional needs of adult cats.
Mature-age cat food (7-12 years old): The physical fitness and activity level of cats will change with age and cats require exclusive nutritional formulas.
Cat food for elderly cats (over 12 years old): A nutritional formula tailored specifically for the specific needs of elderly cats.
In addition, there are some prescription cat foods for cats, also called veterinarian recommended series. For details, please refer to Royal Canin official website.

Royal Canin Royal Cat Food Product Recommendations

1.Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Dry Cat Food for Young Kittens
It is suitable for kittens between 4 months and 1 year. It has a mixture of antioxidants and vitamins, which can be used for the developing immune system. The formula provides essential protein and vitamins for kittens. The formula looks a bit unsatisfactory, a small amount of pure meat, a lot of meat powder and carbohydrates. But in terms of palatability, most kittens maintain a very high degree of recognition for this cat food, which is more suitable for kittens who do not like to eat. The uniquely designed dry food pellets make it easier for kittens to chew and prevent swallowing too quickly.

2.Royal Canin Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food
Designed for indoor cats from 1 to 7 years old. Cats that only live indoors have a less active lifestyle, which can lead to obesity. In addition, they are not affected by changes in temperature and sunlight, which disrupt the seasonal cycle of fur growth and increase shedding. The formula is designed to manage all of these while providing complete, balanced and delicious nutrition to allow your indoor cat to thrive. The proper fiber content and specific nutrients help reduce the odor and quantity of feces. Moderate fat content is suitable for low activities of indoor cats to maintain a healthy weight. It can promote intestinal peristalsis and help manage hair bulb problems.

3.Royal Canin Savor Selective Dry Cat Food
Used for picky cats from 1 to 7 years old. It contains two dry food shapes, with different formulas and textures to stimulate cats’ taste preferences. The use of protein with high digestibility helps to reduce the odor of stool and provide complete and balanced nutrition. The recipe is made from two coarsely ground foods with attractive flavors and textures that satisfy all palettes. In addition, the adjusted energy content helps maintain the ideal weight of the discerning cat, as well as all the complete and balanced nutrition he needs to thrive.

4.Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Cat Food
Royal Canin Hairball Care Dry Cat Food is designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of indoor cats that are susceptible to hairballs. Cats spend most of the day grooming their hair, which can lead to the ingestion of large amounts of hair. The swallowed hair becomes firm in the digestive tract, forming hairballs, which are then refluxed or excreted through feces. This precisely balanced nutritional formula has been specially formulated to help reduce the formation of hairballs naturally.

5.Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Thin Slices in Gravy Wet Kitten Food
At about 4 months of age, the growth rate of kittens will change. With the increase in energy levels, the development of the immune and digestive systems, the growth of bones and muscles, and the appearance of teeth, older kittens and kittens (1-4 months old) have different needs. Royal Canin gravy wet food flakes provide the nutritional ingredients to your kitten to maximize its potential. It is specially designed for kittens and contains balanced protein, fat and carbohydrates to extend playtime.

6.Royal Canin Feline Urinary Care Adult Dry Cat Food
If you are concerned about the health of the urinary system of adult cats, Royal Canin Feline Urinary Care Adult Dry Cat Food provides excellent tasting dry kibbles and helps to keep the urinary tract of healthy cats healthy. This adult cat food has comprehensive and balanced nutrition, which can effectively promote the healthy mineral content in the urine in just 10 days and help maintain the mineral balance in the urine. This dry cat food provides a precisely balanced nutritional formula that helps maintain healthy urine concentration by regulating mineral balance.

7.Royal Canin Feline Care Appetite Control Spayed/Neutered Dry Cat Food
Because the common hormonal changes occur after cats are neutered or neutered, they may cause a surge in hunger or a decrease in energy requirements. This may cause your cat to gain a few pounds. Royal Canin Feline Care Appetite Control Sterilized/Sterilized Dry Cat Food is specially designed to meet the needs of adult cats. This is also the perfect transition for neutering/neutering cat food (sold separately). This adult cat food is complete and balanced, and is designed to help satisfy the cat’s increased appetite after surgery. A moderate fat content helps limit excessive weight gain, and a high fiber content helps create a feeling of fullness. This dry cat food also contains L-carnitine, which helps promote metabolism, burn calories and help your cat maintain a healthy weight.

Other Royal Cat Food Recommendations

1. Royal Cat Food-Kitten34 Cat Food
Target: Growing kittens from weaning to 12 months old are also suitable for female cats during pregnancy or breastfeeding
Kitten34 contains the nutrients (calories, protein, minerals, vitamins, etc.) needed for growing kittens, pregnant and lactating female cats. Due to the addition of higher fat, animal protein (chicken, turkey, egg, fish) and the unique flavor of raw materials, it has an excellent palatability.
2. Royal Cat Food-Slim37 Cat Food
Target: Only for obese adult cats
The formula design of Slim37 specifically reduces the calorie ratio, effectively preventing the occurrence of obesity (one of the leading causes of urinary stones), while also meeting the nutritional needs of adult cats such as protein, minerals and vitamins. Ensure that the urine is maintained in the most ideal slightly acidic state. Slim37 contains a high proportion of fiber and at the same time gives a sufficient amount of feeding, which fully satisfies the cat’s hunger.
3. Royal Cat Food-Sensible33 Cat Food
Target: For sensitive physique or for cats
Sensible33 is specially designed for sensitive or picky cats, and selects a variety of animal proteins to ensure the best digestibility. Sensible33 ensures that the urine is maintained in the most ideal slightly acidic state. It has the most balanced essential fatty acids (soybean oil, borage oil and fish oil) to ensure smooth and shiny fur.
4. Royal Cat Food-Senior28 Cat Food
Target: Only for senior cats over ten years old
Senior28 is very suitable for the digestive tract of elderly cats. The reason is: light and brittle grain structure, higher digestibility, selection of exquisite raw materials, increased fat and edible fiber content, and the addition of integrated minerals to ensure the best absorption rate of iron and copper. It is very suitable for the nutritional needs of elderly cats because it increases the content of vitamin C and E (to prevent cell aging), while limiting the proportion of phosphorus (to maintain good kidney function).
5. Royal cat food-Fit32 cat food
Target: Adult cats with ideal weight
Contains proper calories and is most suitable for adult cats in ideal weight. It is rich in animal protein raw materials 86% (chicken, turkey, egg, fish). Fit32 has a small amount of defecation due to its high absorption of nutrients. Fit32 has an excellent palatability due to its high animal protein and unique raw material flavor.
6. Royal cat food-Persian30 cat food
Target: Persian cat
Currently on the market, the only cat food designed for Persian cats. Because the face of a Persian cat is flatter than other cats, when eating cat food, it often happens that you cannot get cat food. The almond-shaped pellet design of the French Royal P30 can help Persian cats eat and chew. Cat food also contains a special formula for decreasing hairballs, which makes it easy for cats to digest food and promotes intestinal peristalsis so that the hairballs accumulated in the body are naturally discharged.

Q&A about Royal Cat Food

1. Is the cat food brand recommended by the veterinarian a good brand?
Under normal circumstances, royal canin, science diet, and hills are all slag brands recommended by veterinarians. The veterinarian also needs to earn money. The animals eat healthily. The business does not provide sponsorship. Where does the veterinarian get the money? It’s all a job, don’t treat them as angels~
2. Is eating dry food good for pets’ teeth?
Not necessarily. Many pets who need to have their teeth extracted eat dry food every day. The structure and shape of the teeth of cats and dogs are naturally used to eat raw meat and chew bones. For dogs, especially large dogs or cats, such flat small particles of dry food are often swallowed.
3. Can’t elderly cats and dogs eat food with too high protein content?
Generally speaking, eating high-quality protein (animal protein) is far better than low-quality protein (vegetable protein). The digestion and absorption of cats and dogs are set to use animals as their main source of protein. If plant-based protein is ingested, there is no nutrition, which increases the burden of digestion and absorption.
4. Why is the royal cat food easy to make the cat a black chin?
Royal cat food is prone to black jaws, which is one of the big rumors in breeders.For example, acne is related to the personal physique. Some people are prone to acne no matter what they eat, but other people won’t have acne. The same is true for cats. If it is a cat with endocrine disorders, it is easy to have a black chin when changing food.

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