Australian Pet Insurance Buying Guide and Insurance Company Recommendations 2021

What are the Australian pet insurances and what are they for?

Australia’s pet insurance is divided into accident insurance and sickness insurance.
Accident insurance: As the name suggests, accident insurance only reimburses the pet’s expenses in VET when an accident occurs, like broken bones caused by car accidents, swallowing foreign bodies, etc. Of course, accident insurance is relatively cheaper than illness insurance, and it is the best choice for users who are not well-off.
Sickness insurance: Sickness insurance covers all diseases and accidents of pets, which is equivalent to dog skin plasters. It can not only help when pets have accidents but also covers a variety of congenital and acquired diseases (each insurance has a slightly different acquired disease). In addition, there are some differences in the reimbursement ratio, start-up fee, insurance age, and discounts offered by different insurance companies.

How to choose a pet insurance company? How to buy pet insurance?

Because insurance needs to refer to the age, breed, gender, and sterilization of dogs, cats and other pets to determine the insurance price, you can compare the annual insurance costs on various pet insurance websites. For some basic knowledge about purchasing Australian pet insurance, you can refer to the following materials.
What is the Excess?
Insurance Excess is generally between 0-200 dollars. The lower the start-up fee, the higher the insurance cost. 0 Excess does not need to pay any fee every time the insurance is reimbursed. On the contrary, 100 or 200 Excess needs to pay 100 to 200 dollars to be reimbursed. It is worth noting here that for insurance claims caused by the same issue, the Excess only needs to be paid once a year.
What is the maximum annual reimbursement amount?
Every insurance has an annual reimbursement limit, which is the upper limit of the amount that can be reimbursed each year. Because the cost of pet surgery is extremely expensive in Australia, it is recommended that parents and mothers choose a quota of more than 10,000, in case of emergency.
What is the cooling period of the disease?
It is worth noting here that all pet insurances have an illness cooling period ranging from 21 to 30 days. That is, within 21 to 30 days from the day when the pet insurance is purchased, all diseases that occur are not protected by insurance.
What is the second discount?
Different insurance companies have discounts for the second pet of the same insured person. If your dad and mom have more than one pet, it is recommended to get insurance from the same insurance company. The more insured, the greater the discount.
What is the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament?
A ligament is a band of tissue that connects two bones at a joint. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) belt connects the thigh bone and the calf bone. Anterior cruciate ligament rupture is divided into acute and chronic and is the most common cause of hind leg claudication and degenerative joint disease. All insurance does not cover anterior cruciate ligament rupture disease within the first six months. However, if the pet parents can take their babies to the veterinarian for examination within 30 days of purchasing the insurance, and provide a medical record clearly stating that your baby does not have any knee-related diseases, this clause can be avoided.

Australian Pet Insurance Company Recommendations

Website address:
Website introduction: Bupa Group is a healthcare company established in the United Kingdom in 1947, with businesses all over the world, providing global-minded insureds with a global service network of more than 1.2 million medical institutions, so that they can enjoy it at home and abroad Appropriate medical services and good medical insurance. At present, Bupa is a relatively large insurance company in Australia. Everyone may have seen its logo. It has many stores in Sydney. It has branches in common Chinese districts and cities. It mainly provides elderly care, health services, and health. Insurance, pet insurance, etc.

Website address:
Website introduction: HP (HealthyPaws) is probably the most well-known pet insurance company with the most customer reviews throughout the year. The monthly insurance cost is much cheaper than other insurance companies, but the reimbursement restrictions are also more than those of others. HP’s insurance does not cover the upper limit, which is one of the reasons why most people choose this company. The correct waiting period for HP is 15 days + 1 day longer for insurance review, so it will only be packaged after 16 days when you go to the doctor. Please pay attention. (16 days is the most insurable algorithm because basically, 15 days insurance will take effect, but coverage does start on the 16th day, so it is safest to wait for 16 days.) PS: The waiting period for some special diseases will be longer. Please refer to the official website information for details.
Discount information
Save up to 90% of pet medical expenses.

Bow Wow Meow
Website address:
Website introduction: Bow Wow Meow is the most highly rated pet insurance company in Australia’s product reviews. It provides competitive policy options and is supported by Australia’s leading underwriters. It is favored and trusted by Australian pet families.
Discount information
Bow Wow Meow members can enjoy a 10% discount on multiple pet insurance and get free pet ID tags.

How is Australian pet insurance reimbursed?

Most insurance companies in Australia support submitting application forms online to reimburse VET bills, or you can submit an application by mailing the application form to the company’s insurance claims department. It is worth noting here that everyone needs to print out the form before taking the pets to the doctor and take it with them. Some pet emergency departments will also have printed forms in advance. If you forget to print them, you can ask the front desk. The application form is divided into two parts. The first part is the pet information, and the second part is to be filled out by the veterinarian, which includes the pet’s medical visit information, past medical records, and the doctor’s signature.
Now some VETs also support online applications. You only need to tell them the insurance number, and they can submit the application online throughout the process. Please ask the clinic staff in advance. If you are making a claim for the first time, you need to attach a complete historical case (except for Routine Care). Please ask the clinic staff, they will send the historical cases directly to the insurance company. It is worth noting that, according to the regulations of different insurance companies, most claims must be submitted within 90 days.

Why is the claim rejected?
All insurance companies cover congenital or hereditary diseases, as long as the disease does not have clinical symptoms (Pre-existing Condition) when the insurance is purchased. Pre-existing conditions refer to diseases discovered/occurring before purchasing pet insurance and during the 21- to 30- day waiting period. Such cases are not protected by insurance companies.
How to change pet insurance company?
It is worth mentioning that if you want to change your insurance company halfway, but you have already had a claim experience in the previous insurance company, then all previous illnesses will be counted as Pre-existing Condition in the new insurance company. At this time, you can download the Pre-existing Condition Exclusion Review Form from the new insurance company. According to the regulations of different insurance companies, after 12 months to 18 months, if the previous illness does not recur, it can be recalculated as a claim.
Can pets of all ages be insured?
Generally, you can use Ultimate Pet Care and Emergency Pet Care to start pet protection before 8 weeks of age and 9th birthday. Essential Pet Care has no upper age limit, so any dog or cat can be insured for accidents and illnesses, but the annual reimbursement fee is determined by different insurance companies, generally around 4000.
Once the insurance is purchased, it can be insured for life. Even if the pet gets older, the insurance level will not decrease. But the sooner you join the insurance, the more you can exclude all problems from the Pre-existing Condition.

What should I know about keeping pets in Australia?

1. Vaccination
The puppies sold in pet shops are basically about 8 weeks old, and they have undergone a physical examination and the first injection. After the dog is bought, get two more shots of the vaccine, and then one shot every year on the day of the last third shot.
2. Anti-insect pills and anti-heart insect medicine
Give your dog insect repellent at 6, 8, 10, and 12 weeks. Remember to give your dog pills to prevent heartworms every month. If you find it troublesome, you can actually get a shot against heartworm. It can last for a year at a time. It’s cheaper than taking medicine.
3. Micro-chipping
A tiny chip is implanted behind the dog’s neck. The function of the chip is mainly to distinguish the identity and its subsidiary functions:
a. Used to prove the identity of the greyhound. There will be chip numbers and other information on the winning records of participating in the competition.
b. To prove the pedigree of the puppy, with the chip number attached to the pedigree certificate. Greyhound breeders are used to record the identity information of the puppies’ parents, birthdays, and genes.
c. To prove that the dog is a quarantined dog when going abroad for quarantine can . It can be confirmed by scanning that the dog is the dog on the quarantine certificate.
d. The owner holds the chip number and other certificates. When the dog is stolen or found, it is more likely to be retrieved. Some owners know someone steals the dog, and it is difficult to prove that the dog is his own when the dog stealer refuses to admit it. However, by scanning the implanted chip, it’s easy to figure out the stealer.
e. Write on the dog’s ID card: “I have a chip, please contact my owner!” In this way, if the dog gets lost, he will contact the owner if he encounters a kind person.
4. Sterilization
You can get pets neutered at 6 months.The neutering price of female dogs are more expensive than that of male dogs. The price of male dog neutering ranges from 250-400 Australian dollars, depending on each VET’s condition. Sterilization will greatly reduce the chances of the dog getting sick and benefit the dog’s health.
5. City Council registration
When the dog is 6 months old, it is necessary to bring the dog to the local council to register. This registration is for life. Dogs who have been desexed usually cost dozens of Australian dollars, and those without desex usually cost hundreds of Australian dollars.

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