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What are the requirements for keeping pets in Australia?

1. Cost: Australia has a high living cost, and the cost of keeping pets is definitely not low. Not only does it require adoption fees, but vaccinations, chip injections, health checks, sterilization, and purchases of pet supplies are all large expenses. Food, medical insurance, vacation foster care, sick check-ups, etc. If there is no stable source of income, I am afraid that the expenses of raising pets cannot be afforded.
2. Environment: Pets have high requirements on housing size, outdoor facilities, environment, etc. Generally, the apartments where international students live are not suitable for keeping pets. Some apartments even prohibit pets. Of course, if you are raising goldfish, let’s say otherwise up.
3. Time: It takes a lot of time and energy to keep pets. International students tend to be nervous in their studies and may not be at home all day. If they happen to be classmates who like to go out to party late, it is even more unsuitable to keep pets.

Website recommendations

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Website introduction: VetSupply is one of Australia’s most well-known online suppliers of pet supplies, providing pet food, flea and tick supplies, heart disease and other pet supplies and accessories. VetSupply provides a variety of discounted pet supplies. The goal is to let pets The care is affordable.
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Website introduction: Petbarn is Australia’s leading online pet store, with a series of unparalleled products, you can buy food, snacks, health products, medical products, shower gel, clothing nests, etc. Petbarn’s is a store where all pet supplies are gathered. From food to play to use, everything is available.
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My Pet Warehouse
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Website introduction: My Pet Warehouse is a pet store from Australia where you can buy pet supplies and accessories. My Pet Warehouse’s online store offers one of Australia’s largest pet food selections, including veterinary and prescription series. For dogs, the website offers a variety of dog food, including prescription lines and ultra-high-end brand products. You can also choose from a variety of accessories, such as dog toys, collars, leads, beds and safety belts.
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Jumbo Pets
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Website introduction: Jumbo Pets is an Australian online pet supplies company that has everything needed for pets in an online pet store. Whether it is high-quality dog food and cat food from brands such as Black Hawk, Royal Canin, Advance, Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet and IAMS, or flea treatments and other medicines from Nexgard, Advantix, Revolution, Sentinel and Advocate. In addition to selling pet food online, the website also offers other pet supplies, including a large number of dog beds, collars, dog coats, accessories, dog toys, cat toys and snacks.
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Up to 10% discount on products in the discount area;
Some products are free of shipping within Australia.

Budget Pet Products
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Website introduction: Budget Pet Products is Australia’s leading online pet store, providing quality pet care products at affordable prices. The website mainly deals with brands of dog food, pet toys, and pet care. BUDGET has a certain reputation in the field of Australian dog food, pet supplies, and pet food, and is trusted by local pet families.
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Up to 45% discount on products in the discount area;
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Pet House
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Website introduction: Pet House is a one-stop pet store in Australia. Whether it is pet bowls, medicines, toys or snacks, pet houses can meet the needs of all kinds of pet supplies. Pet houses have a wealth of knowledge, years of industry experience, and most importantly, they are passionate about pets. They know what it means to own pets, so all kinds of products are trusted by pet families.
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Newcomers can enjoy a $10 discount on their first purchase over $100, and a one-time discount code is required (see the merchant banner for details)
Up to 30% discount on products in the discount area;
Free shipping within Australia with orders over $79.

How to adopt a pet in Australia

Pet shop
Formal pet shops are generally located in large commercial areas. The advantage is that some pet shops will provide customers with more services, but the disadvantage is that the prices are generally slightly more expensive.
Breeder/Private Seller
Private sellers are slightly cheaper than pet shops. Generally, pet shops will buy pets from Breeder. For famous pets, the price will still be more expensive.
Pet adoption center
Each district government has a pet adoption center. You need to pay for your adoption to maintain the operation of the center and prevent some people from using dogs for making profits. The adoption center will generally provide your best pets for vaccinations, sterilization, deworming, etc. The largest pet adoption center in Australia is RSPCA.

Precautions for keeping pets in Australia

1. Injections/vaccinations
Generally, young pets must be vaccinated with three shots first, and then one shot a year after that. Generally speaking, the price range of each vaccine is 60-90 Australian dollars, but the specific type also depends on the situation of the cat/dog. Therefore, it is very important to find a professional and reliable pet hospital.
2. Insect repellent/anti-insect
In addition to vaccines, there are additional things that need to be dealt with regularly. There are various deworming/anti-insect medicines/injections for cats and dogs on the market, but it is recommended to follow the doctor’s guidance.
3. Micro-Chip implantation
This is an operation once and for all. This chip is the pet’s identity certificate, and its various related information will also be recorded, such as owner information, pet blood, vaccine, and sterilization information. If the pet get lost, it will help you find the pet by scanning the chip information.
4. Sterilization
For pets kept by ordinary people, sterilization is even more necessary. In fact, this can avoid a lot of pet health problems caused by estrus, and it can also save a lot of trouble for the owner.
5. Registered identity
This is to register a household registration for pets at home, and it is also an insurance measure. You can go to the relevant department of the local city hall to register your account. If you already have a chip, you can also register directly on the Central Animal Records (CAR) website to.

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