An Introduction to Dressage Horse Riding

Many people have actually seen Olympic or Grand Prix level dressage on tv. The equines appear to do detailed maneuvers as the biker rests virtually stationary. Dressage isn’t simply fancy actions with hard to pronounce names! Each time we educate our steeds to carry us with more convenience as well as react to subtle aids, we are training them in standard dressage. Dressage is instructing an equine to be flexible, well balanced as well as responsive.

A kur is a dressage test ridden to music. You are given a set of required aspects and also create your very own test to critical music you pick. Some tests can be ridden in sets or teams.


What Is the Objective of Dressage?

The objective of dressage horse riding is to create an equine’s flexibility, responsiveness to help, as well as balance. This makes the equine stronger and more satisfying to ride. If you complete, you will certainly constantly be competing against yourself, as well as others taking the test. The objective of the competitors is to always enhance your own score.


Equipment You’ll Require for Dressage

  • Any sound steed or pony of any breed can be ridden at reduced degrees.
  • An English snaffle bit.
  • An English saddle.
  • Intertwining devices for your horse’s mane.
  • Handwear covers, T-shirt, coat, breeches, boots, as well as authorized headgear.


What to Expect at a Dressage Test

When riding a dressage test, you will be reviewed by up to three courts. The courts will offer you a rating on every element of the dressage test as you ride. They will look for obedience, flexibility, accuracy, mindset, as well as exactly how well you ride.

The dressage ring is marked at its border with letters. Prior to you go into the ring, you will hear a bell or a whistle. This allows you to understand you have a particular time to get in the dressage ring prior to you are punished. You will certainly go into as well as praise the court. After stopping and saluting the court, you will certainly ride in straight lines as well as circles as defined by your test using the letters as your overview.

You will certainly ride at different strides and also variations within the gaits. For the standard levels, you don’t require to have actually the test memorized. Somebody might call out the dressage examination from the sidelines. You may also choose to rest or publish the trot. When you have finished your examination, you will stop, admire the court, as well as leave the ring. At the end of the dressage competitors, you will certainly get your scorecard, with a final score.


Preparing Your Horse for a Dressage Test

Work on boosting your equine’s or horse’s flexibility and responsiveness. It’s important to train gradually. Forcing an equine right into ‘frame’ can cause aching muscles and a reluctant horse. Your horse may learn to lug his front end correctly, without discovering to drive with his hind-end. This can create soreness and an unwilling perspective. Help your steed discover his lessons completely and allow his muscles time to adjust to moving in a various way than he might be used to.

Practice each aspect of the dressage test without riding the entire test consistently. The court is seeking desire and also obedience to your hint, not just how well your steed can remember! Exercise so that you’re accumulated, functioning as well as extended gaits are distinct, and the halts are square.

If you just hang around dressage training your equine, you will certainly quickly feel you are most likely to spend every min ordering him about. Spend some time trail riding so he has an opportunity to extend, utilize every one of his muscular tissues, and also create cardiovascular fitness. Allow time for relaxation and also enjoyable.

For the test, you will certainly want your horse spotlessly groomed, his hair braided and tack cleaned.


Preparing Yourself for Riding Dressage

Dressage training is hard work. Dress in comfortable layers according to the weather. It will be simpler for you if you have the placement of the letters memorized before riding a test. You can quickly make arena letters out of up-turned detergent buckets, pylons, or scrap timber that can be painted or created on with a waterproof marker.

If you don’t already deal with an instructor, finding one that has dressage experience will certainly make it less complicated than attempting to work alone. As you educate your horse, you’ll be discovering exactly how to hint extra properly utilizing your seat, hands, as well as legs. You will likewise need to concentrate to make sure that you can ride each motion with intention as well as precision. Plan what you will work on each time you ride and discover to concentrate on one component at once.

For the test, you will use your English riding practice. Females will certainly use their hair in a net or bun.


The Benefits

Basic dressage training is valuable whether you intend to complete it in the sport, or in any other self-control. Jumpers, trail steeds, pleasure equines, and English and also western program steeds can take advantage of dressage training. Your horse will certainly become extra sports as well as loyal as well as you will become a far better biker.

If you contend in dressage you’ll rapidly find that the higher challenge is attempting to improve your rating, not simply bringing home a rosette. With every component getting a define of 10, you will certainly have the ability to see what facets you require to practice before you ride the following test. You will certainly have the ability to advance through the levels at your very own speed. Kurs permit you some imagination as well as a change from common examinations.


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